If you are someone who had to dart from tree to tree to get the shade and avoid getting a sunburn this summer, then you probably spent your summer lathering on sunscreen. But now you wouldn't mind a bit of color, and you have heard of sunless tanning. There are great products for all skin types.

You love the glow of a warm tone on your skin, and you don't want to head to the tanning salons either, so self tanning or sunless tanning is a great way to get a natural looking glow to your skin. This is a great product for anyone who wants to the look of a sun tan without the dangers of sun damage. Make sure you get a one that is good for your skin type, such as for "fair" skin etc.

Safe tanners are one of the safer ways to get that warm glow to your skin or natural looking tan. But if you head to the drugstore, you are going to find a shelf full of tanning products. Which one do you choose?

Same Product Line You Are Used To

If you use a particular brand of moisturizers or cosmetics and are happy with them, then see if your brand offers a sunless solution, such as a cream or lotion. If you have never had any trouble with this brand in their other product lines, then chances are you are going to do well with this same line of tanning products.

Word of Mouth

If any of your friends, who have a similar skin to yourself, use a sunless product, and you like the look of their tan, find out which one, and get the same product, if you like the effect the sunless tanning has on your friend's skin, especially if their natural skin tone is similar to your own.

Products have got much better at the "natural glow", you don't want anything that is going to give you that orange look. You want one that works very gradually.

Exfoliate First To Absorb it Better

This part is really important, to avoid that blotchy look. If you have any dry patches, such as on your elbow or knees or even your face, it will tend to get darker there. So, make sure you do some "body work" or exfoliation to give the sunless tanning a chance to go on evenly.

Get a Good Quality Product

Don't go for the cheapest thing on the shelf, and run home with it. The better quality tanning products will actually work with your skin pigment rather than simply dying your skin. The better quality ones will give you the more natural looking tan. If you have sensitive skin, stick to brands you know, and make sure they are hypoallergenic and also work as a moisturizer. If it is a moisturizer too, then you can rub it right into your skin.

Put this Product on at Night

If you want the product to be at its best, and you want to look good for a party or outing, then try putting on your sunless tanning product the night before. Most of the better quality name brand sunless tanning products will work in approximately 5 - 7 hours. Some will do it even more gradually over days. But most products will give you a nice all over glow overnight.

How to Apply

After you have got yourself squeaky clean and exfoliated dead skin or dry skin, then take your sunless tanning product and, with clean hands apply it to your body in a circular motion. Make sure to apply it to the areas that you know will be exposed with whatever you are going to be wearing, such as a halter dress, or sleeveless blouse. Make sure to apply it evenly, and don't leave too much in the creases, such as around your nostrils, or you risk have darker areas of tan.

After you have applied your tanning product, wash your hands immediately or you will risk having stained palms!.. Doesn't look good. Then wait about 20 minutes before putting on your pajamas, and then go to bed, and when you wake up you should notice your tan forming. Don't forget the tops of your feet, especially if you will be wearing sandals.

Safe Tanning

Make sure and read the instructions for your product that you have chosen. Follow them carefully. Now you can have a natural looking tan without spending a second in the sun.

Having a suntan was always linked with a "healthy look" even though we all know the dangers of spending too much time in the sun. So you can still get that "healthy look" with safe sunless tanning.  You can also get moisturizers with a touch of sun that work as well too.

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