Safe Herbs

It's exciting and rewarding to take full advantage of the benefits of herbs and watch them change the way our bodies feel. Here is a word to the wise about herbs. Some can be dangerous and even life threatening to those who have conditions or are on medications. Even the healthiest of people can have reactions to some. There are some that are very poisonous and you should fully research any herb before you begin using it.

Use your common sense is the very first thing to remember. If you are on medication, don't hesitate to discuss with your doctor any herbs you're considering taking. Most doctors have access to the internet on their smart phones and will check out side effects as well as interaction problems.

Do your own research before hand and read up on each and every one that you would consider taking. Don't just read random articles but make sure your source is a reputable one. Read several different reports on the herbs you are considering taking.

Get yourself a copy of the PDR for herbs (Physicians desktop reference for herbs). If you are serious about herbs, you might consider this. It is a very intense book and everything is documented by experts. This is a source you can trust. The best places to search for information on herbs are sites that are backed by qualified herbalist. These sites will be sure to give you good information and may even have a section where you can email questions to them. You can also use your local library to find good information for free rather than buying expensive books at the local bookstore.

Don't overdose yourself. Herbs are powerful but sometimes take longer to take effect. Be patient enough to wait for results and don't up your recommended doses. If you cannot wait for the affects to work, it is better not to use it.

Stay clear of herbs you don't know much about or can't find a lot of information about. For instance, Ma Huang has been outlawed in a lot of states due to some deaths that occurred due to large doses and medical conditions. This herb was used for weight loss but was highly misused.

Be careful with herbs you use externally. Some are not safe to consume. For instance Tea Tree oil can be used for very useful remedies externally but is not for consumption.