Learn the Correct Way to Decorate the Face

and How to Remove the Paint Correctly

Children love to have their faces painted for Halloween and other special occasions!

Painting your face for Halloween can be preferable to wearing a mask. Face paint is safer because it does not restrict your vision the way a mask can. When applied correctly, it is also more comfortable than wearing a mask. In addition, face paint can allow you to express your creativity!

Kids love to paint their faces


Use Care in Its Application

First, it is important to purchase products that are intended to be applied to the skin.

When you buy your face paint, read the instructions about how to remove it while you are still in the store. You may have to purchase a special product, such as cold cream or eye makeup remover to take off the face paint, and you want to be sure you buy everything you need at the same time.

Don't use the product if it smells bad. It could have spoiled or become contaminated.

Once you feel ready to try the face paint, dab a little on your skin a few days before Halloween, or your special event, to make certain you won't have an allergic reaction.

Avoid applying it near your eyes and take care not to let it get in your eyes!  If you want to use anything around the eyes, it is safest to purchase commercial eye liner or eye shadow ... cosmetics that are intended for use in this part of your face.

In general, follow the directions carefully, and then use common sense.  Make sure you buy your product from a reliable source.  You can use this direct link to face paints from Amazon, for a reliable source of quality products.

Use a light touch. You can still look cute with just a little of the face paint. You don't have to go overboard.

Try Fluorescent or Luminescent Products

You can have even more fun painting your face if you experiment with a little bit of the specialty paints.

Fluorescent face paints are the ones that have colors that seem especially bright during the day. Sometimes people call those colors "neon." They are usually orange, red or yellow. You need to be especially careful not to use them around the eyes!

Luminescent face paints are yellowish-green and they glow in the dark. These products contain luminescent zinc sulfide. Even though the FDA approves these paints for cosmetic use, they are NOT supposed to be used all the time and, again, you should keep them away from your eyes!  It is also especially important that you test them on your skin a few days before your special event.

Removing Face Paint

After the party is over, it is important to remove face paint right away. The longer it is on your skin, the more likely you are to have a reaction. Never wear it to bed, because you could accidentally rub it into your eyes. And, of course, if you slept in it you would make a mess of your bed!

Read the instructions carefully to see how you should remove cosmetics and paints of any kind. Some products can be removed with soap and water, others require cold cream, and some recommend that you use a commercial eye makeup remover. Whatever they recommend is what you should use. If you use the wrong product to remove the face paint, you may end up scrubbing your face harder than you should, irritating your skin, smearing the paint, or getting it into your eyes.

What to Do If You Have a Bad Reaction

What if you think you have done everything right, but you still get a bad rash, your face swells up, your skin itches badly or you have a similar reaction? First, you may want to check with your doctor's office to see if they can prescribe something to sooth your irritation. Then, the Food and Drug Administration would like you to report your problem to them. They occasionally recall products that seem to cause problems and they would like to know if a particular brand of cosmetics or paint is causing a large number of people to suffer from skin irritations after using the product.

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Source of warnings and information about these products: FDA.gov

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