Every time you grow broccoli it is a very good thought to be alert of a number of of the unwanted insects and health conditions that could invade your broccoli ensuing in a unsuccessful crop, we have looked in to Caterpillars and a number of ways to keep them at bay in a earlier post. Right now I would like to speak about a few less recognised bugs, such as flies and aphids.


Cabbage Flies


Cabbage flies look pretty substantially like a common domestic fly and commonly your domestic fly is a cabbage fly especially if you possess a home garden or reside close by a park or in the country side, the flies by themselves are not much a nuisance, however it is where they will plant their larvae which is menacing and their offspring which may slaughter your broccoli and finish your harvest. What hatches out of the flies larvae is the Cabbage Root Maggot


Cabbage Root Maggot


A cabbage fly desires to pop via the space in between the stalk of you broccoli and the ground and lay its eggs at the roots of the plant, this is the perfect place for larvae, it is dim and damp, and it is protected from any potential predators such as people, it is fairly tough to spot, and most often you might only notice it after it is too late, this is normally when you observe your broccoli perishing. Once the larvae hatch out, their very first meal is the roots of the plant. There are couple of quite superb approaches to avoid this from taking effect:


_Eliminate the Cabbage Fly from putting its offspring in the first place, it can be done by putting a firm slice of plastic all-around the root of the broccoli, which means that you block up the hole that the fly may usually take to reach the roots.


_Avert the eggs Hatching, if you think a fly may have laid its eggs in the roots of a plant, just stiffen the earth about the plants, this will prevent the eggs from hatching as they will definitely not have area to move and breath.




Aphids are mainly popular in Springtime, plus they appear to want wet and damp conditions, it normally only just takes a couple of warm humid days just before swarms of these teeny little bugs arise everywhere you look, this pest will need to be wiped out without delay as they will suck all the sap from the broccoli and deter any further growth, though it must be emphasised that if you haven’t experienced any in your region, in the park or on trees, you can certainly be certain that they won’t ravage your broccoli, as they do not reproduce in all weather.

You could certainly tell they are aphids pretty quickly as they will appear in colonies, and they are quite minuscule they will also love your crop when you grow broccoli.