Low-lying communities have a high tendency to flood especially when the rains come, or when there's a body of water near the area. Because of this, many homes in these areas install sump pumps in their basements or cellars. Sump pumps are apparatuses that take out excess water that may accumulate in the lowest lying area of the house and pump it outside of the house. Sump pumps therefore prevent both short term and long term damages that water flooding may cause to your home. Keeping the basement or cellar water-free may prevent fungus growth that can be harmful to your family's health and it allows the wooden parts of your home stay intact longer and not expand or become brittle due to water accumulation. But sump pumps may not always function as it is supposed to. There might be something wrong with the unit that may lead it to stop pumping water out of the home. For these kinds of situations, a sump pump alarm is extremely useful.

Sump Pump Alarms can Save Your Home

Sump pump alarms can either built-in or installed separately to your sump pump. This device serves to alert the homeowners of any trouble that the sump pump is having. Sump pumps may stop pumping water out because of many reasons. There might be solid debris that clogged its nozzles, or there might be something caught in its motor. Sometimes, natural wear and tear causes the sump pump to break down. If any of these happens and causes your sump pump to stop doing what it's made to do, sump pump alarms go into action and alert you before it's too late.

Sump pump alarms prevent the disastrous outcome of a sump pump stopping. It alerts you even before the water fills your basement uncontrollably, allowing you to intervene and do something about the water accumulation. A sump pump alarm is typically installed in the lower area of the hole where the water goes out of the basement. If the water levels in this hole start to go beyond a critical level (which is the part where the alarm is), the alarm begins to sound.

Buying Sump Pump Alarms

Nowadays, most sump pump systems include a sump pump alarm, but these systems can be a bit more expensive. Although some cheaper models do not include an alarm, you can always buy it separately because most sump pumps would function normally with any alarm.

Make sure to look around for the best possible alarm that will suit your needs and your budget. They come in different prices, sizes and modes of alarm. Have the alarm test ran in the store and listen to mode of alarm. Is the sound enough to wake you? If it is, then it's a good alarm. Also, take into consideration the price and its features. Are the features worth the price? Be careful, because you might be buying a sump pump alarm that is too expensive for its kind.