What should you do with your old medications? How can you keep you current medications in a safe place?

Nearly everyone has a medicine cabinet full of prescription medicines. Usually, these are medications that we use on a regular basis, and want to keep in a handy place. Sometimes, these are old medications that have not been used up. Sometimes we keep them because we believe that we might need them, again. Other times we keep our old, expired medications because we don't know how or where we can dispose of them. One problem with keeping your medications in a handy location is an issue that may never have occurred to you. Did you know that your medications could be attractive to thieves? To make matters worse, the thieves could be someone you know.

Old prescriptions can be dangerous in the wrong hands



Teens often look for drugs in their parents' and grandparents' medicine cabinets. Police in our area have warned parents and teachers that teens often hold what are called "Trail Mix" parties. In these parties, teens will steal a variety of drugs from their parents and grandparents homes and toss them into a bowl. Then, when everyone has arrived at the party, they reach into the bowl, grab a handful of pills, and down them with alcohol. This is a highly dangerous practice. Recently, in our community, two teens became very ill from combining antidepressants, pain pills, alcohol and who knows what else. If they had taken more of the pills, or had grabbed some sleeping pills, as well, they might have ended up dying. If you have these types of drugs in your medicine cabinet, it is urgent that you keep them locked up.

Young Children

Young children sometimes think that medications are actually candy. Sometimes this is the fault of parents who inadvertently coax their children into taking medicine by telling them that it is candy. In other cases, the children see the bright colored tablets or capsules and think they will taste like M&M's or similar candies. Unfortunately, by the time the child realizes that the pills don't taste very good, they may have taken a dangerous amount. Embarrassed, they may not tell anyone what they did until they become sick.

Visitors to your home

Whether the visitors are your neighbors or guests at a party, your medications should be locked up. Sometimes individuals who have had trouble affording their own medications, look in their friends' medicine cabinets and try to steal what they need. This can also happen during Realtor Open Houses, if your home is for sale. It has even been known to happen when a Realtor has had a private showing in a home. Sadly, in this case some of the worse offenders have been the elderly, who are trying to get cholesterol, blood pressure or pain medication.

Thieves and Burglars

Another reason to keep your medications locked up and hidden is because burglars will not only take your jewelry, silver, electronics and other easy to carry items, but they will also look for medications. Some medications can be sold by drug dealers at a substantial profit.Although your other personal property may be of more immediate concern to you in a burglary, you should also check your medicine cabinet if you have been robbed, and add any medications you believe were taken to your police report. Some medications can be quite expensive to replace.

Lock up your Medication

As you can see, there are many reasons to lock up your medications, even if you live alone or there are no children in your home. Would you really know if a few pills were slipped from your medication bottles occasionally? If you had a party or held an open house, would you have any idea who took a bottle of pills? It is much safer for everyone if you keep your medications carefully locked away where they cannot be easily stolen.

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Destroy Old Medication

Many cities sponsor days when you can turn in your old medications, so they can be disposed of properly. Call the waste sanitation department in your city to ask their suggestions for disposing of old medication. Never flush old pills down the toilet, because our water systems are becoming contaminated by birth control pills, antidepressants, pain pills, sleeping pills, muscle relaxants and other medications, and no one knows what the long-term consequences will be. If you do dispose of the medications yourself, you should mix them with something unpalatable, like kitty litter or coffee grounds, seal everything in a container, and then throw it into your trash.

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