A fireplace is a highlight in any setting. Immediately lending its surroundings an atmosphere of warmth, coziness and class, the addition of a fireplace or hearth within a living or entertaining space will immediately heighten any experience. Despite their many advantages however, fireplaces are relatively uncommon in modern homes, due to issues of convenience and safety, and owing to the fact that presently, there are multiple heating options that are far more efficient and convenient. The electric fireplace provides all of the ambiance and comfort of the real thing, with less hassle and a considerably lower risk.

Some of the main deterrents for including an authentic fireplace in a modern home include higher insurance premiums, the necessity for constant and considerable upkeep, and the risks associated with open flames in an enclosed environment. Although fireplaces used to be necessities within homes, in order to provide a reliable heat source during cold seasons, modern homes rely on either electric or gas heating options, which provide more consistent and even heating throughout the structures, and which require considerably less maintenance. Nevertheless, electric spot heaters are popular additions to living areas. A heater in the form of a electric fireplace, operating entirely on electricity as opposed to open flame, provides an ideal alternative to the traditional fireplace within the modern home.
Fireplaces that function with electricity are popular items at home improvement and hardware retail locations. Generally, they are sold as complete units, and require no more than an electrical outlet and the flick of a power switch to become fully operational. The variety in both style and dimensions of units available for purchase is impressive, meaning that homeowners may create any atmosphere, be it traditional or modern, complex or minimalist, that they desire within their home. Variations on these electrical units include color, material and construction of the frame, and realistic or conceptual depictions of 3D flame.

Not all electric fireplace are designed to the same specifications. Features that you may wish to consider for inclusion on your unit may include the following: Remote controlled operation; a built-in thermostat for heat regulation along with the option of having the unit function without the circulation of hot air; and air filtration systems. In addition, since the purchase is not an insignificant financial investment, you may wish to buy a unit that comes with a warranty or manufacturer's guarantee. Prices of units will vary depending upon manufacturer, dimensions, and the features listed above.