Safely Get Rid of Your Broken Laptop

Sadly, it has come to this.

Two years of roughshod handling has left your laptop broken beyond any repair. Or beyond your means to have it repaired. While you could just leave it lying somewhere in your room, ready to be used in case you need it, you want to dispose of it.

Well, here are ways you can safely get rid of your broken laptop.


Recycle It

Environment is the fad nowadays and it is even said that "green" is the new black. Recycling a laptop is even easier as United States laws mandate that every manufacturer have a take-back program in which old laptops will be accepted and recycled free of charge.

Since laptops are also electronic devices, disposing of them properly is of primary importance. You just don't throw a laptop away in some heap or burn it in your background. There are proper disposal methods that experts know that will minimize further damage to the environment.

Manufacturers like Apple even give gift certificates for users who brought an Apple product to be recycled. Typically, discounts on latest models are also given, depending on the manufacturer and the unit brought for recycling.

For non-functioning units, well, a user should not expect such discounts and gift cards. Trade-ins in Apple stores only cover working devices.

If it is still functioning, then the noblest thing to do is to donate it to charity. Or have it refurbished and donated afterwards. Students in third world countries who cannot afford their books let alone a desktop computer will immensely benefit if given a laptop that will help them a lot in their studies. You might consider doing that.


Sell It

While returning the laptop to the original manufacturer to have it recycled sounds noble and ideal, a more practical thing to do is to sell it instead. Selling a laptop gives you money and even makes use of your old laptop for spare parts or a refurbishing project.

Online selling has never been easier, and indeed sites such as CashforLaptops offer a premium amount for used laptops, whether in full working condition or defective.

While sites such as Amazon, eBay and Craigslist also offer a seller the chance to post his item and conduct negotiations with an interested buyer, it is a lot more convenient to just go through the easy process of CashforLaptops. Getting a quote is easy and the process of shipping your phone for further inspection is shouldered by CashforLaptops.

This is actually the more logical thing to do because you get to do two things at once: Earn money and save the environment. How does that sound? Hero.


Destroy It

If you don't fancy the two solutions above, then there is another one left; one more nefarious and exciting at the same time: Destroy it.

(I'm pretty much sure you read that using your evilest voice ever. Or the voice of your favorite/most hated villain.)

This is the fun part because you get to have an adventure. Do you know where Mt. Doom is? You do? Then you are a nerdy geek who has no life just like me. Kidding aside, you probably have watched one too many movies or read too many books.

Here are ways you can end the suffering of your laptop the badass way.

Since Frodo and Sam's mission to Mt. Doom is already done, you can retrace their footsteps and embark on a journey yourself. King Aragorn is already in the process of making Middle Earth a place where Orcs and Dwarves embrace and Men and Elves unite, so there probably won't be much in the form of evil monsters to block your way to Mt. Doom.

Pfft. For more awesomeness, you can borrow any of the Star Wars' canon super-weapons like a Death Star, a Sun Crusher, or the Centerpoint Station to annihilate your laptop. Or you can contact Zonama Sekot and borrow a Yuuzhan Vong dovin basal to pull the moon out of its orbit and have it crash onto the Earth with your laptop directly underneath it.

There, laptop destroyed. Together with all seven billion of Earth's human denizens.

Just kidding. Don't even try destroying your laptop yourself, leave that to the experts. That is, unless you have a bunch of Star Wars super-weapons lying around or you have a copy of Off the Beaten Path: Sam and Frodo's Guide to Mt. Doom. Then by all means :D