Where is it Safe to Travel in Africa?

Traveling to underdeveloped countries and African nations isn’t like traveling to Europe, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to travel safe. With the proper precautions, anyone can travel to Africa and have a great time. The African continent has 54 sovereign nations, but not all are safe for foreign tourists. Here are a few of the safest travel destinations in the beautiful and diverse continent of Africa.

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Ghana is Great for Beginners

Located on Africa’s west coast, Ghana is a developing country roughly the size of the United Kingdom. Recognized as one of the safest and most stable African destinations, Ghana is great for travelers that haven’t visited Africa before. Ghanaians are warm, friendly and laid back. This popular destination uses English as its official languages, and tourist services are springing up in the capital of Accra and major cities, including the former British slave-trading center of Cape Coast. Ghana has miles of beaches, savannas and a variety of national parks and wildlife preserves, including the Kakum National Park rainforest and the Mole National Park where visitors can see lions, elephants, antelope and African animals. The crime rate in Ghana is lower than other West African countries, but foreigners should never travel after dark and should always carry photocopies of important documents as passport theft is common throughout Africa.

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Relax in Beautiful Mozambique

Mozambique is located in East Africa on the edge of the beautiful Indian Ocean. This up-and-coming tourist destination became a democracy in the mid-1990s and has steadily gained popularity. Attractions and natural wonders once off limits due to internal violence are now accessible to international travelers. Despite its rich history and natural attractions, Mozambique receives less tourist traffic than other East African destinations. Mozambique has a tremendous variety of national parks, wildlife preserves and beautiful marine areas that make the country a popular destination for eco-tourism. Travelers in this tropical paradise can enjoy international history, world-class diving and offshore expeditions to untouched islands. The capital city of Maputo and villages like Beira, Matola and Nampula are among the most popular destinations, which feature influences from Portuguese settlers and Islamic merchants.

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Enjoy Safe Tours in South Africa

South Africa is a wonderful place to visit year round, and it’s Africa’s top tourist destination with 800,000 visitors arriving every month. Winter in South Africa occurs between June and September. During these cooler, drier months, wildlife viewing, photo safaris, and eco-tourism are at their best. South Africa has a well-developed tourism community and a variety of respected tour and safari companies. With its circular coast, South Africa is ideal for surfers, divers and water-sport enthusiasts. South Africa is home to half a dozen UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world.

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Discover Unspoiled Africa in Uganda

The landlocked nation of Uganda represents an unspoiled microcosm of the African continent. Uganda’s last dictator died in 2003, and the country is now enjoying political stability. Uganda has the highest concentration of primates in the world. Safaris take visitor past rare mountain gorilla colonies and chimpanzees. Uganda is also home to the highest mountain range in the African continent. Today, northern and northeastern areas of Uganda are still dangerous, but the majority of the country is very safe.


Before traveling to any African nation, visitors should obtain information on current advisories, which are subject to abrupt changes. Travelers should also alert a local embassy or consulate of all travel plans.