When people want to know what is the safest way to send money through the mail, many people forget that many years ago, that it was the ONLY way. But today many people opt to send money instantly online with fewer hassles and reasons for concern.

Instant Money Transfer vs. The Post Office

One reason that people no longer send money via the postal mail, is because for one it's not the fastest way to send money. If you live in the US, you may have heard that the USPS is even considering cutting back on mail delivery including taking longer to deliver regular 1st class mail and possibly eliminating Saturday delivery. So if you're trying to send money fast, the postal mail may not be the way to go.

Secondly, sending any currency via mail is not even the most secure. There are all sorts of  potential challenges related to mailing cash, from having it intercepted before delivery, to it being delivered and being opened and spent by someone other than the intended party.

 With that said, there are many ways to ensure your money arrives safely in the mail. But first I'd like to make one more plea to consider using a cheap money transfer service to wire money fast. But if this isn't an option to you.

 Let's consider the things to do to make sure you know how to send money in the mail, the right way.

Alternatives to Instant Money Transfer

  1. NEVER MAIL CASH – This may seem obvious for reasons stated above. But again, there are too many ways that cash can be taken before it reaches the correct party and even through the postal system. Don't give anyone a reason to take cash from an envelope.

  2. Send a Check – Sending a check is actually one of the safest ways to send money in the mail because a check can be tracked. It also can't be easily cashed just by anyone, and if it is, you have a recourse. The bank will typically investigate any related check cashing money transfer issues. Certified checks from your banking institution is also an option for the same reasons as your personal check. But be advised that certified checks often come with fees as well.

  3. Consider a Money Order- Money orders can be picked up from everywhere from your local grocery store to the post office. Money orders can also be tracked similarly to checks. And you have replacement options if the money order is lost or stolen as well, with typically no additional fees to you.

  4. Get a Visa Prepaid or special Debt Card – These cards can be a great substitution for cash as well. In addition you can also set up security features so that it can not be used by just anyone.

 Other Tips when sending money in the mail when you cant use bank wires or instant money tranfers:

  • Use Fed EX, USPS Priority, DHL etc., when possible. These priority mail services allow you to track your envelope to ensure it is delivered. In all cases it can be even be signed for, instead of being left on the doorstep. This is sometimes crucial when mailing money – even a check- through the mail.

As you can see though sending money instantly or through bank transfer is still ideal in this day and age, mailing funds via the postal service is still possible too.

    Remember that there are rules to follow to ensure you are using the safest way to send money through the mail.