Safety is doing something without injury. When people are at work, home, and recreation there is always the potential for injury and using safety precautions and taking preventative measures can lessen the chances of an accident.

Safety at Home

People spend the majority of time in their homes and there are many ways in which accidents can happen. The accidents that occur can be minor (cutting yourself while shaving) or major (electrocuting yourself) but most accidents can be avoided.

Baby-Proofing a home is the process of securing dangerous items and chemicals from the curious hands of small children. Toddlers do not understand danger and will grab and try to eat almost anything they can get to. Securing kitchen cabinets and blunting the sharp edges of furniture are two examples of baby-proofing a home.

Safety in the Workplace

There are regulations which all employers must follow to keep their employees safe. These regulations cover everything from how to prevent your crane from tipping over to how many eye wash stations should be available. The government agency that regulates workplace safety is called the Occupational and Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). All places of employment are required by law to post a phone number to this agency which can be contacted in safety is being ignored in the workplace.

Safety in Recreation

Whether a person is doing sports, gardening, or riding a bicycle safety has to be thought of here as well. There are some activities which have safety equipment which can be worn to protect people while they engage in one activity or another. In sports there are specific protective devices depending on which sporting activity one is participating in, in gardening there are gloves, and for riding a bicycle helmets and pads for elbows and knees are used. There are areas in most recreational activities which can be dangerous and proper attention to safety can lessen those dangers. Read up on your recreational choices to find out the best way to be safe while playing.

Safety is important to everyone. Accidents can be both minor inconveniences and major catastrophes. If one is alert and knowledgeable the instances of injury can be lessened if not completely avoided. Being safe does not mean that you have to avoid things but that you should find a way to do them that is not irresponsible to your health and to the health of others.