Theres nothing more devastating than a house burglary. If you and family come home to a house burglary, or worse, walk in on a house burglary taking place, then this can be demoralizing. Your peace of mind may be gone and you and your family may not feel safe in your home anymore. Im going to give you tips on how to keep your home safe from burglary. Read on to learn how to make your home burglary proof.

You should install an alarm system in your house. This is an important preventative measure in making sure you don't become a burglary victim. This system should be wired to your windows, detect smoke and odors that can be harmful to you and your family, and should be in be in great working condition and meet minimum security measures. Educate your family and children on the importance of setting the alarm before they leave the house and practicing good safety habits.

Invest in a watch dog. Most watch dogs can be trained to attack intruders but also double over as great family pets. The best breeds for watch dogs are German Shepherds, Rotweilers, Doberman Pinschers, or Boxers. While this is a big investment to make, it can mean the difference in thwarting a potential burglary and becoming another statistic.

Consider buying a weapon like a baseball bat, tazor gun, or firearm. If you purchase a firearm, be sure to keep it out the reach of children and inform the other adults in the household where you intend on keeping it at. A weapon can decrease the chances of a burglar being successful with their home invasion should you and your family be home.

Team up with your neighbors to maintain a neighborhood watch system in which neighbors alert the authorities of suspicious activity and attempted burglaries. If your neighbor is away and you see a suspicious looking person around their property then immediately alert the police. Better to be safe than sorry.

Post signs on your property as a deterrence to burglars. Putting signs out front such as "Watchdog on Duty" or "Protected By Brinks Home Security" is enough to deter most people from committing unlawful entry.

Have the authorities and police on speed dial on all of your phones in your house. This will help you alert authorities as quickly as possible should there be a break-in and get the authorities out to your house.

Lastly, if an intruder succeeds in breaking in and is armed and dangerous, by all means cooperate with them. Do not try to intimidate them or put up a confrontation unless you are 110 percent positive that you can disarm and put them out of commission. If they have a dangerous weapon then you should not try any sudden moves. Give them what they what so that you and your family are not injured.

In conclusion, these tips will help you prevent your home from being burglarized. Good Luck!