Although there are many safety hazards and potentially dangerous situations that we expose ourselves to on a daily basis, there are precautions and safety measures you can take to reduce your chances of being seriously injured or killed. Read on to learn what you need to be doing to decrease your chances of being killed.

When you are in a large crowd, and you sense tension in the crowd or a riot outbreak potentially occurring, then you should start heading for an exit or seeking safety somewhere as far away from the crowd as possible. It is very easily to get killed in a large crowd, especially if there are people intoxicated or if people are fighting or rioting. There have been many tragedies when people have been killed by large crowds of people fighting or causing a frenzy. Often, people are killed in these situations for things as simple as a black Friday sale or people trying to meet a celebrity.

Next, you need to install an alarm system in your home and consider getting a weapon like a gun or tazer gun to defend yourself and your family from burglars or home invasions. If a burglar or criminal breaks into your home while your family is there and you aren't prepared with a weapon and a properly working alarm system, then you risk your family being seriously injured or killed especially if the criminal has a dangerous weapon.

Be safe when you are in a club or party. A lot of people combined with alcohol, music, and women is not a good combination and can lead to fights breaking out and people possibly bringing guns and other potentially dangerous weapons into the equation. You should be prepared to get down and duck out of the way or leave the club or bar as quickly as possible when you sense something bad about to happen. Being able to avoid the confrontation and being a innocent bystander is much more worthwhile than trying to be in the middle of the confrontation.

Don't drink and drive. This is another way you can be killed. Every years there are numerous cases of people being killed or killing other drivers due to them drinking and driving. Its against the law to do so. Also another safety measure that you need to make sure you follow when in a vehicle which is wearing your seatbelt. This can help prevent the chances of you being killed if you are in an auto accident.

Lastly, try to stay to yourself and keep a close circle or friends and family. By doing this, you will be out of the public eye more and will be less likely to get caught up in something or get involved in something negative which can escalate into dangerous situations or you possibly being injured or killed. If you keep yourself busy and hang out with people who are not trouble makers or have a lot of negative things going on in their life, then you will be likely to find yourself in trouble or worse. These tips can help you decrease the chance of you being killed

In conclusion, if you follow the tips above then you can drastically decrease your chances of becoming a victim. Good luck!