When it comes to babysitting there is one thing that every babysitter should be aware of, the safety of the kids. Parents hire babysitters to make sure that their children have someone mature and responsible enough to watch over the children and to protect them. Parents put a great deal of trust in the babysitter’s they hire so it is important that every babysitter be aware of the safety concerns and issues that come with babysitting.

Here are some common safety issues and guidelines that every babysitter should know:

Don’t leave the children unattended.  With your main focus being on the safety of the children you are watching, you should never leave them unattended. It doesn’t take long for a child to get themselves into something they are not supposed to be in, which can create some pretty dangerous situations. You don’t want to have to worry about a child falling down the stairs because you weren’t watching them, so be sure that you are constantly keeping an eye on the children and what they are doing.

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Never open the door for strangers. This is a pretty easy thing to remember as most of us were told this by our parents when we were younger. Even though we have all grown up, this is still of a big concern so be sure that neither you nor the child opens up the door to anyone who isn’t recognized. If you are concerned about the person behind the door, call the parents to see if they were expecting anybody and if you are really concerned and suspicious a call to the cops can always be done.

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Keep the children away from sharp objects, hot pans, and other dangerous things. Children are constantly getting into things so make sure that any dangerous objects are kept out of their reach. If you are doing arts and crafts projects make sure there are child proof dull scissors available or make sure that you are doing all the cutting with sharp scissors. Making sure that scissors and knives aren’t left in a child’s reach is going to make your babysitting job go a lot better. It is also important to keep the children away from the stove and oven. If you are cooking food make sure that the child doesn’t touch the oven or stove as this can make for a bad situation. It is also important to keep the children away from these things until after they have cooled down completely to ensure that they aren’t going to burn themselves. Most of these incidents with dangerous objects can be avoided if you are constantly watching the kids and making sure they aren’t getting into things they aren’t supposed to.

Making sure the kids are safe when you play outside. Outdoor activities are a great thing to do on a hot day, but you need to make sure that the kids are going to be safe when they are doing them. Once again the biggest thing to do to ensure their safety is to not leave the children unattended. Make sure that if you are playing near a street that the children know that they are to keep a safe distance away from the road. Another concern when playing outdoors is the safety of the health of the kids. Be sure that you apply liberal amounts of sunscreen and have them stay hydrated to avoid any sun related incidents from occurring.


Know basic first aid. Sometimes when you are babysitting there will be accidents, no matter how much you are constantly watching the kids. Knowing how to perform basic first aid such as cleaning up a scratch or cut and stopping a bloody nose will help you gain control of these situations.  Most of the time the things kids will get into will be minor so first aid knowledge will allow you to treat these situations.

Don’t hesitate to call 911. If for some reason the children you are watching need emergency assistance, do not hesitate to call 911.  Don’t panic and worry that a parent will be mad at you if their child needs an ambulance. If a child does happen to need emergency services because they are having an allergy attack, they broke a bone, or similar situations make sure that you know where the emergency numbers are located and then make the call!

Babysitting jobs are all about making sure that the children’s safety is the biggest priority. Make sure that you are familiar with things that can be a danger to a child and how to deal with situations that may come up on a babysitting job. Being prepared is the best thing that a babysitter can bring to a babysitting job especially when they come prepared with safety knowledge and tips.