What Are Safety Bed Rails? - If you are looking for extra protection on your bed, or the bed of a loved one, especially if there is the fear of falling out of one, then consider the safety bed rails. These are really handy rails for elderly or for anyone that may fall. These can also double as a cane, because they can also use them to lean on when getting in or out of bed.

Mobility aids are getting better all the time. Whether you need mobility aids for seniors, or for illness or even recovering from illness or accident, whatever your reason, there are many mobility products on the market now. Maybe you just want that peace of mind. You don't want to buy a hospital bed to get the protective safety rails, but you do feel that you need something either for yourself or a loved one.

These rails are the answer to many peoples fear of falling, whether during sleep or when trying to get out.safety bed rails

These aids fit onto the side of the bed, by securing between the mattress and the box spring. (You can't use these properly unless there are two mattresses, so those single bed models will not work with these safety  rails) You can use them on either side. Standers EZ Adjust Bed Rail

But the best part about these, is that they are adjustable as the one pictured. They can be different widths, and also can be folded down and away to make it easier to care for the linens, and make or change the bed.

If you are concerned for a loved one while sleeping, or for trying to get out in the night, consider these safety rails as an alternative. This way you don't have to purchase a special bed, as long as you have a mattress and box spring, then you can confidently put these on. You could get two of these for both sides too. They have straps to help secure them on the frame and the box spring.

They are affordable, and a great way to give back a bit of independence without breaking the bank. As you can see by the one pictured, they will attach to most beds.

So, if you are concerned for the safety of your senior, or any other family member, these safety bed rails for elderly are a great way to keep them in their own bed. Plus it gives them the added assistance they may need when trying to get out. They can sit, put their feet on the ground and take their time getting up, by using the safety bed rails.Standers EZ Adjust Bed Rail (pictured)

You can check out local medical supply stores for these, but you can also get them online at Amazon. There are many styles to choose from, depending on your needs. This particular one adjusts to different sizes to fit your needs. Amazon carries many mobility aids especially for the elderly who want to stay independent.

Take a look and see what is on the market now for mobility aids. They can be affordable and help to keep your loved ones confident and independent.


gives you peace of mind.