Safety First Avoid Shocks in the Workshop

Some simple ways to avoid electrical risks in your workshop.

Equip your workshop with ground-fault interrupters.
If there is a power leakage, a GFI will stop the power almost
instantly, fast enough to keep you from getting a life threatening
Use plug in GFI outlets or permanently install wired GFI receptacles
or circuit breakers.

Cords and Plugs
Replace frayed or cracked cords and plugs.
Damaged cords are very dangerous and should be replaced.
Never try to fix a cord with electrical tape.
Keep cords from under foot and away from the work area as much as
Always use heavy duty cords rated to handle more current than
your power tools will draw.

If your work bench is metal, ground it to reduce your chances of
shock. An electrician can ground it by running a wire from the bench
to an electrical subpanel or other metallic electical conduit.

Make sure you have enough circuits and well located GFI outlets for
all your needs. Have a subpanel installed to control all your workshop
circuits. Then you can easily turn off all the power and lock the panel
to prevent any unapproved use of your power tools. Also, you won't have
far to go when a breaker trips or an emergency requires you to turn off
the power as quickly as possible.