Pool fence requirements every pool owner needs to know about

Living in Arizona, it’s practically a necessity to have a pool in your backyard, especially during the summer months. But having a pool doesn’t come without risks and, likewise, regulations. Every state is different when it comes to pool enclosure requirements. In Arizona, whether there are kids in the house or not, pool owners are required to meet certain safety guidelines.

If you live outside of Arizona, pool fencing requirements may be different. Check your state’s government website to make sure you’re in compliance.

Arizona law states that a body of water 18 inches or more in depth and 8 feet or more in width that is intended for swimming requires an enclosure. Arizona law requires that every pool enclosure meets the following guidelines:

  • Entirely secured/enclosed by a 5-foot wall (minimum), fence or other barrier
  • Include no openings where a round object 4 inches in diameter can pass through
  • Horizontal components on the fence cannot be spaced less than 45 inches apart or are placed on the pool side of a barrier, which will not have any opening more than 1 inches, measured horizontally. Wire mesh or chain link fences will have a maximum of 1 inches mesh size measured horizontally.
  • Gates for enclosures will meet the following requirements: (a) Be self-closing and self-latching, with the latch located at least 54 inches above the ground, with no opening more than ½ inch within 24 inches of the release mechanism. Gates can also be secured by a padlock or other similar device that requires a key; and (b)open outward from pool.
  • Enclosure will not have openings, handholds or footholds that are accessible from outside the enclosure.
  • Barrier is at least 24 inches from water’s edge.

There are additional requirements for pools where a living area constitutes part of the pool enclosure. Read more about these requirements and additional pool enclosure requirements on your state's official website.

Aside from installing a pool fence, there are other security precautions pool owners can take in Phoenix. Wrought iron gates are beautiful, durable additions to the exterior of any home. In addition to making elegant front doors, wrought iron gates can be installed to separate the front and back yards, offering an extra barrier to pool entry.