Traveling is bound to be interesting and the liberating emotion it brings is invaluable, particularly if the location that you choose is far away from your comfort zone. Nevertheless, there are times you fail to remember that there are unanticipated problems that might show up in the course of your holiday. It is a dismal thing that tourists who get pulled in with the natural beauty of a foreign land attract people who take advantage of their lack of knowledge in a country.

Everywhere we go, there are always mischievous people watching, some dressed in sheep's clothing, waiting for anyone they can spot who can fall prey for their cons. Awareness, caution and adequate preparation are the keys to making sure that your vacation does not turn into a roller coaster ride full of aggravating twists and distressing turns.

Let us try to look at some handy and realistic things you can do, or not do, to prevent yourself from falling victim to these perpetuators.

DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS: When we were young, our parents and guardians taught us not to talk to strangers. Would you imagine it's still pertinent until we get old? Yes, giving private information to strangers is not wise when travelling, especially to a different country. Some scammers would get to know you in the streets, acting like really neighborhood-friendly folks, and eventually they will get all your personal information and steal your identity. To keep it safe, if you want to get to know local folk, you should only provide your first name/ nickname and the state where you live in (For example. John from Florida); in this manner, you don't sound too chilly, but nor did you give too much details to the person.

Blend and fit with the crowd- Tourists often stand out in the crowd, thus they attract people who seek for confused vacationers who have bulging wallets that are actually savings to enjoy their travel. Being noticeable is expected, especially if you are a Caucasian who strolls along the streets of an Asian country. The best thing that you can do is to dress and at least try your best to behave the way residents do. As much as possible, do not slip on precious jewelries and leave your luggage in your hotels. Walk around in generic clothing that does not show off your outlandish culture to save yourself from the clear eyes of eager predators.

Maintain A WATCHFUL EYE: The best sights and destinations might be seen in third world countries, yet these places also have countless cases of theft and fraud due to the never-ending problem of poverty. Some scams would include kids begging in the streets, and while you're busy finding cash to offer to poor-hearted beggars, others will instantly grab your bag. To keep away from this, keep a watchful eye while in town and indulge only in short talks with strangers.

When visiting with children, make sure all have adequate id and ways on how to locate you in case you get separated- This happens to a lot of couples traveling with a large number of kids. A fast and easy way to make sure you and your kids are never lost for a long time is to rent a cellular phone for each during the course of your travel. This can provide you a consistent contact with each of your children. You can also try to record your child's name and your hotel number on a card that you can give to each of your children. Include in the card a close friend's or relative's contact info.

Observe THE LAW: Once you select your travel location, be sure to research on the place and its laws. It might be a bit dreary at first but it might come in handy. All countries have laws built to manage the people and even travelers are bound to these rules once you come to their territory. However, tourists also have their rights to practice. Remember that you have the right to call for your own lawyer, remain in silence, and deny an officer's request if he cannot present the correct identifications.

BE Mindful WHILE RIDING PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Some countries in the world offer rides that can only be seen in their area like the personal rickshaw in China or the Tuktok, a three-wheeled vehicle in Thailand powered by a motor. Whether it's just the local train or bus, these public transport makes your vacation complete, but be aware still when you're on the ride. Secure your valuables at all times. Pick-pocketing is very rampant in local public transport so keep a watchful eye.

KNOW SELF-DEFENSE: It's not considered violence when you're defending yourself from someone who has intentions to hurt you, it's called SELF-DEFENSE. You don't need to be a black-belt Karate master to defend yourself from mischievous individuals who try to take your bag. Just make sure you have the right protection gadgets, such as stun-gun or pepper spray, and the right knowledge on how to use it. In case you don't have those defensive items, I suggest you bring a flashlight at night and an umbrella during day time. Apparently, a perpetrator sees these items as a sign that the person is mindful of his or her surroundings and would rather select another prey to victimize.

KEEP EMERGENCY HOTLINE NUMBERS: Be informed of the emergency numbers in the area. List down the local police hotline numbers, hospitals, and clinics in your mobile phone or a piece of paper, and carry it when going around the location. If in case you find it hard to find, hotels and other accommodations provide directories or phone directory assistance to their guests. Take advantage of these services, you'll never know when you'll need them.

SEACH FOR A LOYAL COMPANION: Despite the significant truth that many people would only make friends with you to con you, there are still some trusted people that you shouldn't take for granted. Although it's not nice to talk to strangers, it's impossible not to befriend few warm-hearted local people from the place where you'll spend your relaxing vacation. It's okay to be friendly and meet up with someone who knows the whereabouts of the place, in this way; you have a private tourist guide and additional friend from a lovely destination.

Keep your important stuff- There have been a lot of reported cases wherein travelers get conned and along with the things taken from them are their travel records. Although having the embassy is a lot of help during times like this, it will still cause you a lot of hassle, not only inside the country where you traveled but back home as well. New papers have to be filed in order for you to get new documents and identification, on top of a lot of other things. It's always best to make sure that you're identifications and travel documents are safe and copied before you go anywhere. Having copies of these documents can help you in more ways than one in the event that you lose them.

These might just be bits of precautionary measures to enjoy a safe vacation trip. The best part about this is that you and your family are secured from harm while savoring the paradise right at your doorstep.