Edwin Jagger DE89L

Safety Razor

Credit: David Jaggers

Edwin Jagger DE89L Safety Razor: England's Best Double Edged Razor

What You Need to Know Before You Buy One

The Source:

The Edwin Jagger company has over two decades of experience providing top quality grooming supplies from their factory in Sheffield England. Sheffield is world-renowned for its steel production, and is the home of the first patented straight razor, made there in 1680. Edwin Jagger has continued the English obsession with style and function and has carried the flag of quality for Sheffield into the new millennium.

The Razor:

The Edwin Jagger DE89 series of safety razors is their flagship model. These razors are of impeccable design and show all the signs of quality craftsmanship that you would expect from such a storied company.  The DE89 series produces a mild shave with a low blade exposure that is very forgiving to the apprentice wet shaver. There are several models of the DE89 including the smooth chrome, knurled and lined handled. This review focuses on the Lined, long handle model.

The DE89L is a three-piece design consisting of the head, the collar, and the handle. The head is made of smooth chrome and has pegs to hold any standard double-edged razor blade. The collar holds the blade in place as well as providing the contact point with the skin. The De89L is a closed comb design which adds to its mild qualities. The handle is perfectly weighted to balance the head and has a flawless chrome finish accented with lines or grooves along the length of the handle to give it grip.DE89L Three PieceCredit: David Jaggers

I have used this model razor for years and I really love the overall balance and weight. The head is narrow enough to fit under the nose (a tough place to shave for most) and wide enough to minimize the amount of passes I have to make. It is easy to clean and breaks down quickly for travel or storage.

The Downside:

It may be too mild for an experienced shaver. As you progress in the art of wet shaving, you will experiment with various razors and blades to find what works best for your face. If you have that mythical combination of thick beard and tough skin, you will probably find the DE89 series too mild, as you will have to make numerous passes to get the close shave you seek.

The razors aren't adjustable. There are many brands of razors out there that offer the ability to adjust the amount of razor blade exposed to the skin. Some  wet shavers like this versatility because different parts of the face may need more or less blade. I don't care for adjustable razors as they complicate the process and if you forget to make the proper adjustment you could receive a nasty cut.


The Edwin Jagger De89L is a stylish, well-built safety razor that will never disappoint when it comes to reliable function. I own several razors but I always come back to the DE89, it is the work horse of my collection. If you want a mild razor that is easy to clean and crafted to last long enough to pass down to your children, then the Edwin Jagger DE89L is right for you. Style meets function in the Edwin Jagger DE89L.


Edwin Jagger DE89LCredit: David Jaggers