As your teenager gets old, they probably will want to go out more and start to party with their friends.  As a parent, this probably will make you nervous, but you want your child to have a little bit of fun as a teenager.  There are safety tips you will want your teen to understand and obey if they go to these teen parties.

No Drugs or Alcohol: It is important to engrave this into your teen’s brain.  There will be no drugs or alcohol at these parties, and if there is, they should no how to say no.  It is important to remind your teen that they can have fun at the party without having drugs or alcohol.  These are very dangerous to have at a party, especially if these two things are mixed together with a bunch of teenagers.

You Can Always Call: If things ever get out of hand, it is important that your teen knows they can call you if they are in trouble.  Some teens may feel embarrassed or afraid of getting in trouble if they call for help.  It is important to let your child know that we all need help sometimes and they can call if absolutely anything goes wrong.

Know Your Plan: Another safety tips for teen parties is the teen should know their plan for the entire night.  They should know who they are going to be going to the party with and who they are going home with.

Have a Backup Plan: Let’s face it, in life things don’t always go as planned.  If your plans change, it is a good idea to have a backup plan.  For example, if one of your friends ditch you because you get into an argument, is there another group of friends you can find a ride home with?

Stay Close to Friends: When a teen attends a party it is important not only to attend the party with friends, but to stay close to them at all times.  If this is a big party and there is going to be a lot of people that the teen doesn’t know, it is not a good idea to wander off into areas they are not familiar with. 

Invite Only: If you are the one that is hosting the party, it is a safe tip to only offer invite only parties to keep the party small and from getting crazy.  The last thing you want is a bunch of party crashers trashing your house and getting you into trouble.  When you invite friends make sure that they tell you if they are bringing a guest.  Also, ask them politely not to spread the word that there is going to be a party.  Make sure that they understand that you would like to keep this party small.

Supervision: It is an incredibly smart idea to have an adult supervising the party at all times.  This way, there is someone of age to take things under control if they get out of hand.  Having more than one adult at the party is smart to keep the party fun and drama free.

There are many definitions to teen partying.  This could mean simply hanging out and talking with a few close friends, having a house party with alcohol, going to a concert or having a party due to somebody’s birthday.  There are many safety tips for teen parties.

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