You put my eye out!

Not words one wants to hear after popping open a bottle of Champagne. And what of the hundreds of movie scenes where the Champagne is opened with a gunshot-like POP and the bottle held high over head with those precious juices flowing to the floor?

A girlfriend of mine told me once while out reveling (and I enacted such a scene as stated above), that Champagne - when opened - should make the sound of a kiss.

And not just any kiss. It should be soft, with a bit of a plush smacking in the end. The nice thing about this kind of kissing is no lips get bitten. Or, in the case of opening Champagne - no one loses an eye.

So how does one go about opening a bottle so that the gentle sounding of stolen lovers fill the air?

A tip or two for your private Champagne and Wine Tasting

1. Place Champagne (or any sparkling wine, for that matter) on the table.

2. Hold bottle firmly in place with one hand.

3. Take the cage off the cork.

4. Cover the cork with a dishcloth or rubber lid opener, whatever your preference.


5. Do not twist the cork! I repeat, do not begin unscrewing the cork! Instead, ever so slowly, twist the bottle! You will feel the cork disengaging. Try to go slowly and keep a consistent twist to the bottle. If it starts disengaging too fast, you could lose control of the cork. If you keep a tight hand and consistent twist, then you will have a better chance of experiencing that soft kiss.

Salud and xxx