Travelling is the best way to relax, make new friends, learn new things, learn about yourself, and explore the world around you.  

When planning your trip, plan for a resort that has all to offer. such as sightseeing, shopping, nigh activities, adventure and thrill. Many resorts offer vacation packages which includes almost everything a tourist wants. These tours will take you to all important sights of that particular country you're visiting and you will be sure that you have not missed out anything. 

If you ony have a day or two, you  would want to see as much as possible in that country. You can get a cruise tour. 

Wherever you decide to go, the most important is your safety. Find below some guidelines to ensure safety while you travel alone: 

  1. After you check into the hotel, familiarize yourself with the surroundings and have small talk with the concierge, bell boy and receptionist. Don't forget to give a tip and just be friendly with the hotel personnel. 
  2. Most hotels has a safety deposit box for your valuables. Always use your hotels safety deposit box and avoid bringing your valuables with you wherever you go. 
  3. When leaving your hotel, ask the concierge to get you a cab. Do not ask directions from the strangers. In case you're lost, find your way to a nearest hotel and consult the helpdesk.
  4. Use a waist belt to keep your money, credit cards and passport.
  5. Try not to show cash; in case you are not certain about the exchange rate, it is good to leave some extra amount.
  6. If You meet new people during your stay, do not tell them your hotel room number. If you invite them to your hotel, it is good to meet them in the lobby.  While talking over the phone, let hotel operator connect it for you.
  7. In case you plan to go out with a local or any person, you have recently met ask him to pick you up from your hotel. In a casual way, let your concierge and front desk know that you are going out. 
  8. Do not give your home address or telephone number to whoever you met during your travel. 
  9. Be kind to everyone you met.
  10. Make sure you have the contact information of your Embassy. Contact your embassy in case of any problem.
  11. One of your friends or family members should know of your travel plans. Give one of your trusted friends a copy of your itinerary so he/she knows where you were suppose to be on the particular day. 

Follow the above tips and have a safe and enjoyable vacation.

Woman Travelling Alone
Credit: via Flickr