At first a green bedroom may seem depressing or dark. There are a lot of different shades out there and you might not even have to paint the walls. Green is perfect for a bedroom because it's gender neutral. You can use it in a kid's bedroom, nursery, and teen room or even in your master bedroom. It's also somewhat of a neutral color so you can use it to strike a compromise. Both you and your spouse can get your favorite colors in the space if the majority of the room is a neutral color. However, green is one of the few colors that can work both as a neutral and also as a focal color.

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Think fresh. Green doesn't have to be dull and dark. Try it in a kids' bedroom. You want to make sure that it's also restful so use brighter colors sparingly. If you are starting off with an all white room then go modern. Paint the furniture or closet doors a bright apple green. Use crisp white bedding and add a colorful throw rug. These are all simple changes that won't cost a lot of money. This room is also versatile so you can change your entire color palette without even repainting. These same ideas would work in a teen's room or use them to create a funky, youthful master bedroom.

Replicate a spa. Green is soothing, which is exactly what you want in a bedroom. Bring in dark wood furniture and then keep the rest of the room light. You could paint one wall a pale green or keep all of the walls taupe. You could even design the space around an orchid. These flowers are mostly neutral but have just spots of color on them. Bring in a fluffy down comforter and keep the accessories to a minimum. Just cleaning out your room will make it feel lighter and brighter which is exactly what you want for this look. The few things left in your room should be really luxurious; such as high thread count sheets.

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Go retro. At least one shade of green has been popular in almost every design era. If you want old Hollywood glamour then pick a medium tone green. Accessorize with a lot of silver mirrors and crystal accessories so it doesn't feel like a cave. You can also update the classic avocado green bedroom. Pair olive with your favorite neutral like chocolate brown. Use a lot of solid colored fabrics in the room and then put it with a retro inspired duvet cover or curtain set. This is casual style recognizes history but also looks contemporary and fresh.

Create a subtle garden. When you think of a garden designed room you might think that it's too feminine or fussy. Instead of focusing on flowers focus on greenery. This is a more updated look. You can even add in country elements such as distressed furniture. If you want to give your furniture a complete makeover then try layering glazes and different paint tones on a dresser for added character. Change out the handles for worn bronze or crystal knobs. Keep the rest of the room neutral. Jade walls and furniture can be overwhelming so remember to break up your space. You can add subtle prints like toiles and accessorize with a pitcher on the night stand.

So what color should you put green with? Almost anything you want. For a modern look pair green vases and lamps with chocolate brown furniture. For a funky teen room try turquoise and lime. You might be worried that a shabby chic bedroom will look too feminine. Look to a grayish green instead of the usual pinks. Your furniture can still have the curvy lines and you can use all the cute decorative accessories and salvaged architectural elements. You can even mix in gray walls for an update on this classic style.

Another natural compliment for green is purple. A green and purple bedroom might remind you of being a teenager in the 80s. A solution for this is to just change up the shades of both the tones. Try adding gray undertones to both of the colors. This will turn a bright purple into a dusty plum and green will look almost taupe.

Green works well if you are creating a retreat. You might want your room to have a tropical feel. Instead of just filling the room with kitschy palm tree accessories think of a high end Caribbean resort. Use a few lives palms in either corner and add crisp white drapes to the windows. These will act as a frame for your view even if you aren't looking out on the ocean. Bring in a lot of grass mats and reed elements for texture. You can even spice up your headboard by framing out grass mat squares in the middle to give it character.

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Be bold with modern colors. Green doesn't have to be subtle. It can also be bold. A few decades ago hunter green became all the rage. Everyone had to have it. Now, it looks a little dated. Then sage was the big trend. Right now, it seems to be that any kind of green goes as long as it's used in a contemporary way and has lots of balance. You might want to try a darker emerald green room. If you aren't feeling that daring then just paint a small cove, nook or the backs of your bookshelves with this color. Create the feeling of a nest with black furniture and rich colored wood floors. Be prepared to repaint when the color goes out of style; but it's an easy fix for a trendy look.

A green bedroom can take on a lot of different looks. It can transition into almost any design style. Plus, it's a soothing color that can create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. You can turn this color tropical, modern, funky or contemporary depending on the look and feeling you want. So pull out that paintbrush and get to work.