When thinking about a tattoo design, most people pick their Zodiac signs. A Sagittarius tattoo design is picked by those who were born under this sign. Anybody, whose birthday falls on November 23 to December 20, is a Sagittarius. The qualities of a Sagittarius include being independent, honest, outgoing, and he excels in philosophy and in teaching. The patron planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter and its image is similar to that of a centaur. A centaur is a creature hailing from Greek mythology that demonstrates both human characteristics and traits of a horse. Therefore, those who were born under the sign Sagittarius possess great wisdom and the strength of a horse.

A Sagittarius is naturally curious and is blessed with good physical form. The Greeks associated the Sagittarius sign with Cheiron the centaur. According to the Greek mythology, Heracles killed Cheiron using an arrow that was infused with poison. After the incident, Zeus cosigned Cheiron to the sky where he found his permanent place. Cheiron holds an arrow which is pointed to the direction of Scorpio. Usually, a Sagittarius tattoo has an image of a centaur archer aiming his bow and arrow, as if preparing for a battle. Another representation of a Sagittarius tattoo is a single arrow in flight.

There is also a Sagittarius tattoo design featuring a centaur having two faces. One face is looking forward while the other one is facing the back. This image is similar to that of a Roman God named Janus. It is related to that fact that the Sun is located in the constellation even in winter. Sagittarius also represents the start of a new year, with a look back at the past and preparations for the future. The kinds of flower that represents this sign are jasmine and gillyflower. The mythical creature centaur is the eternal figure of a Sagittarius tattoo.

It is important to note that a Sagittarius tattoo design has its own impact, whether it is weak or strong, and the chosen location defines its value. The ideal place for a Sagittarius tattoo is the thigh, buttocks and the spine. Remember, when your tattoo is in its proper place, you will get a lot of admiration, not to mention achieving the kind of influence that you want to convey to other people.