Okay, I will admit it, I love Saint Patrick's Day. There are many celebrating that are happening all over the world on this day. In the U.S. we like our local Irish Pubs to have a “wee bit of drink.” If you forget to put on something green, you know you’re going to get pinched. Don’t you just hate it when you wake up and go to school or work only to realize that you forgot it was Saint Patrick's Day? By the time you get home you have turned black and blue from all of the unexpected pinches that will never end. You can solve that by showing up something green. Yes, then and only then do you get to pinch instead.

Wear Something Green!

As long as you wear something green on Saint Patrick's Day, it doesn’t really matter what type of apparel that you select. You can have on a green shirt, jeans, scarf, cap, shoes, shoelaces, leg warmers, or socks. You get the idea. If you have got to put wearing something green for the day, at least make it interesting.  Pick  something that makes you really stand out from the crowd. Something cool and interesting can say many things about your personality. It will give you a little bling bling so to speak. A cool t-shirt about Saint Patrick's Day that has a funny statement on it, or it could be that you wear a crazy party hat shaped like a beer mug. This gives those around you something to chuckle about, and you get to have some fun in the process. Here are some ideas that I found humorous or interesting that I thought you might like to check out.

Costume Wear

Saint Patrick's Day CostumeCredit: PwarlickDressing up for a Saint Patrick's Day party can be just as fun as finding that perfect Halloween costume. You can make an entrance that will have everyone slamming back the beers if you pick the right look. This Sexy Irish Girl Costume can make those in the party mode take a second look, and it would be hard to lose a contest in an outfit like this. This costume comes with everything that is shown except for the stockings, shoes, and hat. I have to admit the hat is the piece that caught my attention, but for less than $30 bucks, you can’t beat it for a good party dress.


Party Hat

Not going out to a party on Saint Patrick's Day, but you are still looking for some really cool apparel?  An interesting party hat can be theDiva HatCredit: Pwarlick perfect choice.  Everyone loves that perfect funny hat that always makes you take a second look.  This Diva Shamrock is the perfect choice to wear out just about anywhere.  Well I guess that they might make you take it off at work or school, but you sure could wear it on the way.  It is so cute with the vibrant green and pink Irish Diva letters on the front.  The faux fur brim and pink stripe is adorable too.  Ladies you know that you want this!  There are many choices to chose from if this is too over the top for you, so look around at the mall or your favorite online store to find the type of apparel that suites you best.

Find something that makes a statement about you and the person you are.  Make the apparel fun and interesting and you will get lots of compliments and laughs.  Have fun with whatever you pick because Saint Patrick's Day doesn't come but once a year.  Please have a save and happy holiday, and if you drink have a designated driver, if you do this - we will see you the same time next year!