History Of Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day(or Saint Paddy's Day), is celebrated on March 17th of every year worldwide. It is a religious holiday celebrated by the Catholic Church of Ireland. The Irish have celebrated it for thousands of years and it is celebrated during the Christian season of Lent. This is the only day of the year in which Irish people are allowed to consume alcohol. It is also celebrated as a feast in Ireland because Roman Catholics eat meat, which they cannot do on other days.

Who Was Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick was born in Wales in 385 A.D. In his early teen years, he was sold into slavery and during this time, he adapted Christianity as his religion. During this period of enslavement, he prayed consistently to God. He was mentored by Saint Germain and eventually became appointed as a bishop of Ireland. Patrick was released in his early twenties and legend has it that he believed that God wanted him to spread the Gospel. He traveled all over Ireland with his disciples and they converted millions of people to Christianity. They built churches, helped feed the homeless, and nurtured sick people. Christian schools were also established for children. These schools provided a formal education as well as a religious one. Patrick also converted kings and queens and they trusted him to share the Gospel with their families. However, there were people that were not pleased with his actions. The Celtic Druids opposed Patrick's teachings because they embraced their own religion. They arrested him, but did not discourage him from teaching Ireland citizens. In fact, this probably made him even more determined to share his faith and beliefs. Despite living most of his life in poverty, he spent 40 years of his life traveling and sharing his love of God. He died on March 17, 461 A.D. in Saul, which is where he built his first church.

Modern Day Saint Patrick's Day

Today, Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated by Christians as the arrival of Christianity. It is also a celebration of Irish culture. Traditionally, Irish families attend church and indulge in eating Irish cabbage and bacon. Because it only happens once a year, many people dance and drink all day and night. Parades celebrating Saint Patrick's Day are held all over the world. Despite what many people believe, the first parade was not held in Ireland. The first one took place in New York City on March 17, 1762. It was used as an occasion that was used to help Irish soldiers celebrate their heritage. On this occasion, people wear green clothing, also known as shamrocks. It is a day that celebrates Christianity and the life and teachings of Saint Patrick.




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