Writing down a sales call script is an important task both for those that are just getting started in their sales career and those of us that are beginning to sell a new product or service or targeting a different industry sector.  This article attempts to examine both the components to comprise a good sales script but also some tips on how to start putting them to work for you.

Sales Call Script

Sales Call Script
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Things To Include In Your Script

1)      How to get past the gatekeeper and through to the person that you want to talk to.  This will differ from industry to industry but I have always found the best way to achieve this is by simply asking the receptionist for who you want to talk to.  A important tip when doing this is to finish your sentences with “Thank You”.  This is a closing statement and does not open the conversation up to more questions.  An example of this would be “I want to talk to the person responsible for XYZ Thank you.”

2)      Once you get past the gatekeeper, it is important to grab the person’s attention.  A simple way to do this is to do some research before picking up the phone.  There are many avenues of your to get information that will grab their attention such as recent company product releases for the person you are calling or through social media avenues.  This will also help to establish some common ground.

3)      Depending on the complexity of the product or service that you are selling, I have always found it effective to simply ask the person if they are interested in learning more about our service and how it has benefited other businesses similar to theirs.  I know that many sales training gurus will disagree with me here but I have found that where markets are broad and there are a lot of people who could potentially do business with you, this is simply the quickest way to qualify if it is worth spending any time with this company or moving on the next.

4)      If there is some interest there it is important that you close right then and there.  This does not necessarily mean that you should ask for an order on the phone but rather you need to agree on what action is next and when that is going to occur.  An example of this would be if the agreed action is for you to send through a proposal, then you need to agree on a time and day that you are going to follow up.  You could say something like “I will send you through the proposal this afternoon and call you on Wednesday at 2pm to hear your feedback, does this sound fair enough?”

What To Do Once My Script is Written?

The first thing that I would do is practice saying it out loud by myself several times until it is engrained in my memory and I do not need to refer to my notes to get through my script.  The second thing that I would do is role play with a friend or family member that has nothing to do with my industry.  This is an important step as the person that you are going to be calling may not have any idea about your product or service, this is therefore a great litmus test to see if your script coveys the message that you are trying to do effectively.  If your friends and family ask similar questions when you say it for the first time, consider amending your script to cover these questions as it is likely that you left it out the first time.


Once you have done this, go out there and try it on the marketplace as soon as possible.  You will likely be a buttering mess the first time that you do but don’t fear you will only get better the more times that you do it.  Eventually you will be able to add some elements of your own personality into the script such as the odd joke and this will make things much more enjoyable for both you and your prospect but you need to go through the whole process first else your message will be diluted.

Final Thoughts

Remember as you take your script to the marketplace, don’t remain static.  Adjust your script to cover changing circumstances and feedback that you receive.  Remember that what works today may not work forever.

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