Being a sales person can be a career of highs and lows.

Some days it seems you could sell feathers to pigeons, other days you feel like you would stand no chance of moving a box of gold coins if you were giving them away.

Here we are going to look at some basic sales person tips.


Sales person motivation is something that can be hard to maintain if transactions are thin on the ground. The key to this is to stay focused and treat every single person that walks in as a potential customer. Even if they claim they are "Just looking", do not let it deter you.

Get a product in front of the customer as soon as it is possibly comfortable to do so.

I say comfortable, because you do not want to jump in front of the customer brandishing an item as soon as they walk in. Let them settle into the store, then when the time is right, present an item to them. Build from there, ask them what they do and do not like about the item you have presented. When you have gathered a few preferences, lead them to another product that fits their preference.

The key to motivation is staying "upbeat". Do not let another sales person bring you down if they are having a bad day. Nobody wants to buy from a miserable looking person. Be enthusiastic and smile. It stands a good chance of lifting the mood of your potential customer. A happy customer is a stronger chance of a sale than a miserable or bored customer.

"Go to products"

A great sales person tip, is the use of "Go to" products.

A "go to" product, is an item that you, yourself are very interested in and enthusiastic about. Usually a product you either own or are considering a purchase of in the future.

The reason it is a good tip to have one or more of these items is because you are more likely to take an interest in learing about the product in great detail and also are going to be very enthusiastic about using the same reasons to buy on the customer as you use to justify the product to yourself.

You are far more likely to be able to convince a person to purchase a "go to" item than an item that you do not see the value in and would not buy yourself.


Your positioning on the sales floor is a key part of your chances of success.

If you hover near the door, expect a lot of traffic, but also expect a lot of people giving you the "just looking" line because they have only just walked in and have not lowered their defences yet.

A good place to position yourself is near a "cherry picker" sales person. A Cherry picker sales person is a sales person that only attempts to talk to customer that look wealthy. This may seem like a good idea, but not everyone displays their wealth just to go shopping. Cherry pickers usually allow vast amounts of sales to walk past them while they look for easy prey. If you stand near them, you will pick up a steady stream of potential sales they simply ignore because they are not dressed like they are ready to spend a large amount of money.

Never be afraid to ask for the sale.

One of the best sales person tips that seems obvious is to never be afraid to ask for the sale.

It amazes me just how many sales people will give a great presentation but never get around to asking for the sale.


They can either say yes or no.

If yes, great. If no, ask them why not and address any concerns they have and then ask again!

These are just a few of the vast amount of sales person tips that all contribute to learning how to have a successful career in sales.