Tips telemarketing specialists can learn from a business to business sales manager

Don't shoot from the hip, don't bet your income and quota on the roll of a die. 'Winging' it is the fast track to failure in sales. My name is Adam Percy-Lourie and I am a young business to business sales manager. When you are young and a part of a large company it’s easy to get lost and not develop as well as you could. This is because in sales attention is focused on the ‘sales guns,’ the over achievers of the company because they bring in the money. For the 80% of the sales reps not achieving so highly, it is survival of the fittest and a stress-full struggle to reach the top.

Sales techniques tips: reality check

I’d like to tell young sales reps what I wish I knew when I first started. The following text teaches you how to utilise the phone to increase your base numbers. Now a lot of reps I speak to say that they are better in person and no good on the phone so they stick to face-to-face cold calling. The reality is that you are just not reaching the number of clientele needed to succeed. How many customers can you approach on foot in 60 minutes? 8 at most from experience I’d say. Over the phone you could have contacted and qualified over 30 people.

Sales people struggle to write their own phone script as they have not been taught to or believe they don't need it. The reality is that while you are struggling to get around a tough objection, rebuttal or just a difficult question, you could be listening to what the customer really wanSales-techniques-tips-businessts from you and could have missed I vital piece of information that could win you this deal.

These are some basic sales scripts that you need to develop before you even think of picking up the phone:

  • a gatekeeper script
  • opening script
  • rebuttal scripts
  • response scripts
  • a closing script
  • rejection scripts

It's more than likely that you are already using scripts in your sales process every day. These are things that you say the same way to a lot of customers.

The first step in developing a phone script is to identify these and fit them under the forementioned script titles. Then you need to make them word perfect so they sound natural and simple on the phone.

A great opening script contains;

  • an introduction
  • a credibility statement
  • a reason for your call
  • a request

An example of an opening script for a power company I worked for;

“Hi, my name is Adam and I'm a power consultant for mercury energy ashburton. We have come Sales-techniques-tips-talkingto ashburton because of the government’s recent asset swap set to achieve fairer power pricing in the south island. The reason for my call is to offer my expert services in analyzing one of our power bills to reduce costing for your company. Is now a good time to talk or should we set an appointment for later?”

To see if it is a good script to use it's a good idea to put yourself in your customers shoes and consider how it's sounds on their end because if you dot like it I'd bet they won't either. So don't use cheesy lines, keep it simple and respect their time.

A lot of reps ask me how they should speak to a customer, what's the right pitch, tone, pace etc. There is no one best way but the best way but this is what I believe.

When you are in your mother’s womb during the first few 9 months of your life there is little that you can hear, see, touch etc. So the most affecting sensation is the aural rhythm of your mothers beating heart. Think of how it sounds, bom... a slow, paced, relaxing rhythm. Nice to listen to. Easy on the ear. Easy to take in information. NON INTRUSIVE. This is how I talk to customers, you should give it a go also.

Sales techniques tips: one word makes a difference

Sales people often use just as a joining word or instead of umm. "I have just had a chat with residents in the neighbourhood" "I'll just have a look at the back of your bill". Both those sentences would have worked better without just in them.

Just implies intention beyond what is stated which comes off as malicious. It also makes it sound like your waffling, as a result, a pushover. So listen to yourself when you are in your next sales situation. Avoid over using it.

If you are more expensive in a sales environment it is important not to panic and focus on that price. Rather you should focus on breaking down total program cost. Educate customers on the total cost and explain while the price may be higher the total cost is less because products and services that you offer have a higher value. Time is money and should be factored in the cost equation.

Sales techniques tips: making a personal connection

Use previous customer testimonies to reinforce your exceptional track record. Don’t be afraid to tell them a bit about how this buying process can affect you the sales person, it is as important for them to be able to step into your shoes as it is for you to step into theirs. All This makes the discussion about price personal and changes it from an adversarial buying process to a consultative buying process.Sales-techniques-tips-discussion

So this is my view on how you could increase your sales numbers by focusing an hour of your day on calling potential clients and qualifying them .In doing this I would be very surprised if your take home pay didn’t increase by at least 20% no matter who you are. Practice practice practice, to make the script sound natural and roll of your tongue. This will help you engage your customers while you are talking to them so you don't miss any information that could win you that deal. Now develop you own scripts and watch you diary fill up.

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