Sally Beauty Supply has cast the mold for those looking for careers in beauty, cosmetology, retail, or even for those hoping to franchise in emerging markets. If you have always wondered about all those Sally Beauty Salon locations you see everywhere or if you wanted to know a little more about the history of the stores, here's a quick breakdown.

What is Sally Beauty Supply

Begun as a single standalone store more than 50 years ago in New Orleans, Louisiana, this beauty store has since gone on to become the world’s largest retailer of professional grade beauty supplies. Because of their impressive reach they have a big responsibility to keep those focused in on beauty supplied with all the things they could need.

An average location has more than 6,000 professional quality beauty products. For the face, hair, skin, and nails; this retailer caters to and offers supply for individuals all the way up to the top salons in the world. Sally also stands proud shoulder to shoulder with the best cosmetologists in the world with their full array of products.

Sally Beauty Supply locations

Because of the global reach for beauty they really set the standard for competitive retailers. One needs look no further than their more than 2700 locations to understand how far this beauty retailer reaches. With locations in not just every state in the United States, Sally also has locations as far reaching as Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, France, and Spain. There are also locations found in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico which are closer to or a part of the domestic North American shores.   And their global reach only spills out from there.

Sally Beauty Supply MN

The Sally Beauty Supply locations in Minnesota are not unlike many other locations elsewhere in the United States. Some of the shops in Minnesota include one nearby the Target store in St Could, another near Jo Ann Fabrics in Elk River, a third near Super Wal-Mart in Buffalo, and a fourth which is just near Kohl’s in Rodgers Minnesota.

Sally Beauty Supply Utah

Many of the stores in a place like Utah exist primarily in the Northern part of the state near Salt Lake City. Check in with these locations in Payson, Springville, or Lindon all near Wal-Mart locations. There are also Sally Beauty Supply locations in Orem near Smiths and in Provo near Supercuts.

Sally Beauty Supply Tucson

Sally Beauty Supply also has many locations across the desert southwest. In Tucson lie the location on N Silverbell near the Albertson’s, one on S 16th Ave near Footlocker, or the location on E 2nd St near Fry’s Grocery. These are just some of the stores in and around Tucson.

Sally Beauty Supply Austin

Austin Texas is home to big beauty like so much else in Texas so it should surprise no one that their presence in Austin is big and proud for sure. Come check in with Sally Beauty Supply like the one on Pleasant Valley near 24 Hour Fitness, on South Lamar near Freebirds Burritos, on N IH 35 near Super Target, the Sally Beauty location on South I H 35 near Conn’s, and the location on W Anderson Lane near Catherine’s.

Sally Beauty Supply Wisconsin

Littered all over the landscape of Wisconsin, the Sally Beauty presence here is not so much targeted towards a particular geography as it is evenly spread out among the landscape. Take as an example their locations in Plover near Best Buy, Rothschild near Shopko, in Appleton near Hancock Fabric, or the location in Oshkosh near Target.

Sally Beauty Supply Chicago

Chicago is an urban area with many people who all need to look as beautiful as they can. For that reason it should surprise no one that there are scores of Sally Beauty Supply locations in and around Chicago. If you’re looking on E Madison Street you can find a shop near Dunkin Donuts, on W Diversely near the Panera Bread, on S Ashland Avenue near Blockbuster Video, on North Elston Avenue near Rent-A-Center, on West Armitage near 7-11, and on W Addison near Payless Shoe Source. There are quite literally so many locations in Chicago; where are you located? There probably is a Sally location in your neighborhood.

Sally Beauty Supply Hawaii

While the landscape and many of the people of Hawaii are naturally beautiful there is also precious little retail space on the islands of Hawaii. For that reason there is only a single location anywhere on any of the islands of Hawaii. Check in with Sally Beauty Supply on Hawaii on Kuala St in Pearl City near the Long’s Drugs store.

What are Sally Beauty Supply store hours

The hours of each Sally Beauty Supply location varies depending on a number of things about what is surrounding it. However generally the store runs on a 9am-9pm schedule from Monday-Saturday with some locations having earlier closings on Saturdays and most locations are open on Sundays and start their day around 10 or 11am with most closing up by 5pm or 6pm.

How to get a job at Sally Beauty Supply

If you are interested in having a career in beauty, cosmetology, retail, or if you just enjoy helping people look and feel their best then finding a job here may be something which suits you very well. Of course your best bet is to find the location which is nearest to your home and stop in to see if you can’t speak with the manager.

Of course you want to come dressed for the part and looking your best. You should bring a resume with you and you should be prepared to wait around until the manager has a minute. It’s a good idea not to come in right when the store opens up unless you have spoken to the manager and scheduled your time to come in then. You should leave your cell phone in your car and prepare to sit in for an interview right then.

If the store is hiring and you make a strong enough impression you could be offered an interview right then! Go for broke and you could walk out a strong contender for a new job with Sally Beauty Supply!

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