My Experience With Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Polish Surprised Me

If you are looking for an honest review of Sally Hansen's Gem Crush Nail Color, you've come to the right place. Sally Hansen has been a name that I have become intimately familiar with over the years. This is not because I personally have purchased many Sally Hansen products, but because Sally Hansen has been a well known name in beauty for many generations. I can recall perusing through my mother's nail polish collection when I was young, and recall finding many bottles that bore the Sally Hansen name. That is probably how I was initially introduced to Sally Hansen. I realize that times have changed and I now have a personal preference for other brands of nail polish. Surprisingly, I recently deviated from my usual brand and purchased Sally Hansen's Gem Crush Nail Color and lived to tell about it.

I was walking around in my favorite drugstore when I came across a display for Sally Hansen's Gem Crush nail polish. It was right around the holidays, and I have to admit that I was looking for something new and exciting. The display had an array of 5 or 6 different colors and the picture of the model's fingernails caught my attention. The display showed the most gorgeous glittery perfect colored polish that I had ever seen in my life. You know how sometimes you buy a nail polish and coat it with a glitter coating to make it sparkle? Well, this was far, far better than anything I have ever created. I can appreciate that the display photo was probably a bit doctored to attract attention and increase sales, but it still looked pretty impressive. After hemming and hawing for a little while over the two colors that I liked best, I finally chose to purchase Sally Hansen Gem Crush nail color in Lady Luck (#07). This was a nice red color that had just enough magenta in it to brighten it up. It came in a 0.31 fluid ounce bottle and wasn't exactly inexpensive, at $7 a bottle. Nonetheless, I purchased it, got it home and couldn't wait to try it out.

I filed my nails and washed my  hands as I normally do prior to applying nail color. I applied the 1st coating of color and was disappointed. The 1st coating was fairly translucent, and showed the majority of my nail bed through the glitter. However, I was undeterred because I knew that nail polish almost always looks better after multiple coats are applied. I applied my 2nd coat and was surprised at how well it covered my nail bed. It covered just as well as a dark nail polish color normally does. It did, however, dry relatively fast, almost so fast that applying it was challenging- not a good sign. What concerned me most, however, was how dull the polish was, and very "un-glitter like". It certainly looked nothing like the display I had seen, and not even close. I used a high-quality topcoat over the glitter and it shined up fairly well. I didn't think that the Gem Crush should require a top coat to create even minimal shine, but I shrugged it off and let it go.  I allowed the polished to dry.

I remember looking at my nails the next morning and being fairly impressed by the color; it was not too red, and not too pink and looked pretty good on me. I went to work that day and some of my coworkers seemed intrigued by my new nail color. The next thing I remember, is that I washed my hands while at work, looked down and found that my left thumbnail was bare. I don't mean that some of the nail polish had faded; I mean that the left thumbnail was completely bare. For half a second, I wondered if I could have forgotten to paint my left thumbnail?! It wasn't until about 2 hours later when I found my pinky nail polish peeling off that I realized that it was a nail polish issue. I was pretty embarrassed; here I am, at work and I am missing two fingernails of nail polish. I attempted to peel off the other fingernails, and found that some of them peeled off perfectly. It reminded me of the peel off nail polish that was so popular when I was a child in the 80's. Unfortunately, not all of the polish peeled off so easily and I was left with 3 1/2 fingernails worth of Gem crush. Embarrassed, I created pseudo-paper cuts on those fingers and used band-aids to my advantage.

Because I liked the color so much, I was willing to give it another try at home, in case there was something that I had done wrong. I experimented with base coats and different application methods, but had the same peeling results each time. I had even found that soaking my hands (when taking a bath) caused the majority of the polish to come right off. I gave Sally Hansen's Gem Crush nail color a fair and honest chance, but I probably won't do that again. In my humble opinion, Sally Hansen is a name that belongs in my mother's nail polish box, not mine.