The wax washes off easily with warm water.


Does not remove hair.

Full Review

I want to start off this review by saying that I am no stranger to home hair removal. I have been waxing my intimate areas for over six years now and I know the process quite well. In fact, my hair is actually much easier to remove now because it grows in finer and thinner due to my years of follicle ripping experience.

Having said that, Sally Hansen Naturally Bare Honey Wax is the lousiest wax I have ever purchased. I could not get this wax to remove more than two to three hairs at a time. I wanted to be fair to Sally though, so I tried it on my eyebrows, armpits, legs and bikini area.


I followed the directions precisely. I applied the wax, smoothed down the strips and ripped them off keeping them close to the skin. It doesn't pull out the hair. This product simply does not work.

Now about the strips, instead of cloth strips this kit included plastic strips. They are made from corn apparently which seemed odd but it's supposed to be good for the environment so I thought I'd give it a shot. When I couldn't remove any hair, I switched to the cloth strips I use for Nad's hair remover but that didn't work either.

The only good thing that I can say about this product is that it doesn't hurt (because none of your hair is being ripped out) and all the leftover wax on your skin rinses away quickly and easily in warm water. Which is good, because you will have lots of wax left on your skin, stuck in the hair that is still on your skin.

I'm really disgusted by this product and upset but Sally Hansen has awful customer service so there's $10 I'll never see again. Don't give them your $10 too, leave this shoddy ineffective product on the shelves.

In Closing

I only purchased this product because my regular wax was sold out. I am kicking myself for being impatient now. This is my last disaster with Sally Hansen, the company never responds to complaints and I'm done giving them my money for nothing.