The Salmon region in Idaho is one of the best fishing areas in the world. According to Idaho State Fish and Game the Salmon region of Idaho consist of the areas in and around Salmon including the  North Fork,  Challis, Stanley and Leadore.

There are numerous fishing opportunities in the salmon region. You can fish for many days including Bass both largemouth and small now, roof trial, tighter musky, the infamous steelhead, and even sturgeon.

This sturgeon is only occasion release you cannot keep any sturgeon but if you have never fished for fish that are usually 3 feet long, 5 feet long, or even longer then you are in for a shock. If you accidentally hope this sturgeon when using your small all your whole will probably break. Fishing for sturgeon in Idaho demand top grade equipment specifically designed for massively sized fish. I have seen three but sturgeon hold out with tiny rods and I don't know how the roster not great but it's fascinating and amazing to watch with the tip of the Rod is been and where the real is not U-shaped a big oval-shaped.

The salmon region of Idaho has some of the most beautiful camping spots in the Pacific Northwest. You can camp right by your favorite fishing spot in many areas, however most people choose a neutral ground to camp in where they are only a hop skip and a jump from numerous fishing holes. On the east side of the salmon region you have Stanley Idaho. Stanley Idaho has numerous outdoor activities in a beautiful setting.

In addition to the world-class fishing opportunities you can also pan for gold, soaking natural hot tubs, mountain bike, road bike, hike, and guerrilla the fresh fish you caught. The entire salmon region in Idaho is a beautiful area regardless of which section of the salmon region you go to. If you can it is highly recommended that you can spend a week in the Stanley area near Redfish Lake. The western side of the salmon region is bordered by Montana and you have the town of salmon Idaho.

Salmon Idaho is home to some of the best white-water rafting opportunities on the West Coast. The Salmon River is called the River of no return and historically the Salmon River has been home to many mountain men. The last of the true mountain men was dugout Dick. I had the opportunity to meet dugout Dick on a few occasions when I was a child. Dugout Dick literally lived in the cave he had drilled into the side of the mountain. Dugout Dick milked goats for milk and set his used coffee grounds on top of a rock so they would dry up use them again. Dugout Dick not it was funny when he was milking a goat and squirted me with milk directly from the goat. When my father also went to spray me with the goat milk dugout Dick yelled at him for wasting his milk.

Dugout Dick was among the last of the true mountain men that lived in the salmon Idaho area. Although authentic mountain men may be hard to find nowadays in the salmon region, although their favorite activities still exist including rafting, fishing, hiking, picking wild berries, and camping.

The salmon region of Idaho has so many outdoor opportunities that you can easily spend an entire summer in the salmon region. The problem is once you spend some time in the salmon region and realized the beauty of it you will not want to leave it. Even if you are not and outdoors activities you will soon fall in love with the salmon region of Idaho. You will soon find yourself feeling your memory card all in your digital camera as he takes so many see shots of the area.

With all of the various activities in the salmon region it is hard to do all of them if not impossible. When you go to the salmon region and are able to spend a week or more definitely do not make a list of everything you want to do but instead keep it open mind about new activities that you may come upon. Fishing though should definitely be on your list of items to do.

The Yankee for direct is an amazing piece of machinery didst huge anything to her the Yankee work dredge. After you charity Yankee work dredge you can buy a gold pan and pan for gold. You will definitely find you gold flakes, albeit they may be extremely fine. Gold nuggets are still found on a regular basis although you need to know where to look in thestreams, the gold can be harder to find. If there has been a massive amount of winter snow melting and running down the hills into the streams are tributaries that make a it much easier to find a small Golden Nugget. You probably will not get rich or even make enough to pay for your vacation to the Salmon Idaho region, but the first gold flake that you find is priceless regardless of how small it is.

There are numerous waterways in the salmon Idaho region. A few of the streams in the salmon Idaho region include the Yellowjacket Creek, Garden Creek, Clear Creek, Panther Creek, Camas Creek, Yankee Fork, Hayden Creek, iron Creek, big deer Creek, big timber Creek, and many other streams and tributaries.

Panther Creek is the location of one of my best fishing trips ever. When I was a kid my father and I stopped and was fishing on the Panther Creek. Within a few minutes we had caught our limit of fish and could not throw them back in fast enough for catch and release fishing. The second our hooks hit the water we would have a fish bite, each and every time. It was the Nirvana of fishing. The following summer we headed back with the sole intent of fishing the hell out of Panther Creek. On our second trip we did not get very many bites. It was the complete opposite of our first trip to Panther Creek.

The salmon region of Idaho is one of the most magnificent spots in the entire world. It is hard to visit the salmon Idaho region are we to and not want to move there permanently.  The Salmon Idaho region is truly a magnificent place.