Salmonella poisoning occurs when individuals eat foods that are contaminated with the bacteria. There are several different ways in which this can occur. In most instances it is the result of people not cooking food all the way. It can also result from the food not being prepared in a clean environment. Cross contamination will occur if you don't wash the area and keep your hands clean.

Salmonella poisoning occurs more often in the hot months due to the heat making the bacteria grow faster. Make sure you don't leave foods out where they can spoil. If you have left something out you should toss it instead of trying to save it. The money lost for the wasted food is nothing compared to the effects people will suffer from the salmonella.

There are many different types of food items that salmonella is found in. The main ones include meat, milk, poultry, eggs, and even water. Individuals that eat these foods that have been contaminated with the salmonella often don't feel the affects from it until about 12 hours later. Other people don't end up feeling the effects until about 72 hours later.

There are some very common symptoms of salmonella poisoning that you should be aware of. This way you won't confuse it with the flu or other types of illnesses. A fever, diarrhea, and cramps are signs you shouldn't ignore. If a person with salmonella poisoning is throwing up and has diarrhea there is a big risk of becoming dehydrated. If this process occurs more than three times in a day a doctor should be consulted.

Any individual that has blood in their stools should seek immediate attention. Children are very susceptible to salmonella poisoning so you need to watch for such symptoms for them. Another serious issue is yellowish skin known as jaundice. This is a sign that there may be bacteria in the bloodstream that is affecting the liver.

If you aren't sure if your salmonella poisoning is severe enough to warrant a doctor you should call one anyway. It is always a good precaution to look into it. This can be a very difficult illness to recover from and so you need to do your part to prevent it as much as possible.