I love to cook but I was never very big on breakfast.  I think that I trace it back to my first day of high school when I was so nervous about going to a new school (and high school no less) that I actually threw up my breakfast before walking out the door.  Ever since then, I’ve generally avoided breakfast in the mornings.  However, a problem arose when my wife and I met and she found out that I was a good cook because she loves breakfast and one of her first meal requests was an over easy egg with toast.  As time went on, I got better and better at cooking breakfast and even occasionally enjoy it myself from time to time. 

Link between Salmonella and Pregnancy

A new problem was soon to present itself though.  My wife got pregnant and, like every other food that I was going to put in front of her, I started researching eggs and making sure that they are safe for pregnant women.  What I found was surprising.  It turns out that even though an egg has been exposed to a hot griddle surface and has cooked on the outside, if the middle of the egg is still raw and runny that there is a chance for Salmonella exposure.  This means that to be safe, pregnant women must only eat eggs that have been cooked all of the way through.  Let me tell you that this did not go over very well in my house. 

My wife wanted to know all of the specifics.  What is the link between salmonella and pregnancy – can I eat raw or soft eggs while pregnant?  In what became known in my home as the battle for breakfast, I had to explain to my wife that I would be giving her eggs cooked “over-hard” from now on and that there would be no dipping of toast into the runny yolk until our beautiful daughter was born.  I swear, I think she took this news harder than  finding out that she wouldn’t be able to drink coffee, wine or eat sushi while pregnant either.  Like I said before, my wife is really serious about breakfast.

Try the alternatives

The best thing we did was turn it into a sort of culinary adventure.  It turned out that, while my wife really did love her breakfasts, that she was woefully unaware of breakfast foods outside of what she knew she already like.  There were many omelets and frittatas and pieces of French toast made during the time she was pregnant and, although she will still order her eggs over easy and wheat toast whenever given the opportunity, I know that she has gained an appreciation for some foods that she may not have ever tried before she became pregnant.  Honestly, I think that’s about the best that you can hope to achieve in a difficult situation.  It may not be fun, but try to find a way to at least make it interesting and you will have a much easier time getting though it than you otherwise might have.