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The controversy over salon hair products vs drugstore brands goes on to this day. Well, you're about to get the truth on the matter from someone who knows, which is me. What qualifies me in this area is that I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 1983, that's a long time wouldn't you say? I have used and still use both salon hair products and drugstore brands on me and my clients. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't get into the salon hair products vs drugstore brands argument. I always tell them that it depends on the person and their hair. There are several things to take into consideration when it comes to buying hair products.

Salon Hair Products versus Drugstore Brands- Things to consider

First of all consider length of the hair. Women and men with long hair should use salon products, especially if hair very long. Long hair has several textures. Let me explain for those who don't understand. When you compare the texture at the roots to the texture of the ends on a person with long hair there is a huge difference. The hair at the ends is old, the hair at the scalp is new growth, then in the middle is yet another texture! Get the picture? Salon products are better for the hair, so in the case of longer hairstyles that's what you need to buy.

On the other hand, let's look at short hairstyles. Those with short hair typically have a similar texture on scalp and ends unless it's color treated or permed. Hair is cut often to keep the style, so older hair doesn't get a chance to get damaged. In this case it's safe to use drugstore brand products since you can't really hurt it. There is a possibility of build up, but then again it is cut so often the build up gets cut off, build up attaches itself to longer more porous hair.

Secondly, consider age. As we age hair texture changes by getting thinner, more brittle etc. It also changes color and turns gray if you don't color it. Either way, colored or not, I recommend salon products for elderly folks because they need to treat hair with tender loving care or they may lose it!

What about the kids you ask? Well, kids are just little people and you have to consider length on them as well. The girls may need salon products if hair is long. If the child has short hair boy or girl it's okay to use drug store hair brands, but buy the more gentle ones. Hairstyle products that are labeled for color treated hair are gentler so whether hair is colored or not if you need gentle shampoos buy them.

Hair Salon Products vs Drugstore Brands- The Cost Controversy

Here we go! The old argument goes like this. Salon hairstyling products cost more, so they must be better and it's concentrated, so it lasts longer and you save money that way. Drugstore hair products are cheaper, but you have to use more of it to get the hair clean. Then, you have to buy it more often and you don't save anything. In the end you wind up using two bottles of cheap shampoo to the one expensive one. I know you have heard all of this before, but I just want to let you know I have heard it too- A LOT!

What I say is if you have the money and your hair needs salon hair products then buy them. It is true that they are more concentrated and can last longer. Note I said can. Most people use a big glob of it anyway and don't conserve at all. It's a bad habit I suppose or they're just not thinking or whatever. It is true that most hair salon products are better for your hair, but that doesn't mean you need them. It is true that hair salon products cost more, but you have to use them as instructed or you save nothing.

If you don't have money for salon hair products or don't need them then seek out good gentle drugstore hair brands, which are easier to find by the way. You don't have to go to the hair salon that could be miles away, but instead a drugstore down the street and save gas and time. If you're concerned with build up then buy a hair clarifier and use it once a week.

Follow the advice of your stylist to a degree. Many make commission on what they sell, so beware of the stylist who just wants to make more money. The mark up on salon products is 50%. That's right, they pay half what you do for it. Some stylists are honest some aren't, so use discernment.

Salon Hair Products vs Drugstore brands- Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Aids

I use salon shampoo and no conditioner, my hair is very short so no need for it. I also color my hair, but still don't need it. Most people who have very short hairstyles do not need conditioner unless hair is very curly/frizzy. It's safe to use drugstore styling aids which include: hair spray, gel and mousse, I use them, they're cheaper and they work. It's good to have a can of salon hairspray for finishing and lasting hold. In other words, use it sparingly and when needed.

Learn how to use styling aids properly. You can do this by asking or watching the stylist as they style the hair. Use this trick to make gel and mousse last longer, simply put product in hands, add water, rub hands together, run hands and fingers through hair then brush through for complete coverage.

If you do have a long hairstyle I recommend salon conditioner, but buy it very specific to the need. Fine hair may need only a detangler, while thicker hair needs something with more substance. Ask your stylist to help choose the correct hair conditioner. Chemically treated hair , except when short, usually needs conditioner, since chemicals change texture of hair.

I could go on and on with the salon hair products vs drugstore brands controversy. There is much more to say, but this is enough for now I hope it has been helpful.

Tigi Hair Products

Tigi Hair Products