When girls, both young and old, want to dress up for a costume party or Halloween, they often think of fairy princesses from the Disney gang or the latest hip-hop star. But there is another style outfit that is becoming very popular. As a couple from the Wild West, many girls are choosing to purchase a saloon girl dress for their next masquerade party.

These western dresses resemble the real thing with a cotton slip that allows the lacey bottom to peak out under the regular old-fashioned barmaid's dress. Sometimes, the outer skirt is made of denim; however it is not always a blue jean type or color. For everyday wear, the dancehall girls, as they were also known, would wear their long skirts with the lace petticoats sticking out of the bottom. These would be denim or a thick cotton material in muted colors of blue, maroon and mauve, dark red, dark purple or dark green. The skirts would hang down to about their ankles.
These outfits always look good, especially standing next to a small cowboy and a couple of Indians all dressed up for trick-or-treating.

Parties for adults in which women disguise themselves as a tavern girl, a barmaid or the countless other women of yesteryears with a stylish twist are all the rage for younger ages such as the college set, or for people in their thirties and forties who just want to have a good time. A party with a Western theme might include a lot of the women all dolled up in these type of Western-wear outfits, and as a special touch, some of them might be made of satin and lace. And for the men, nice white button up shirts with small, thin collars and bowties or bolo ties or even and ascot to complete the look of a Western gentleman.

The evening's entertainment could be poker games at several tables and of course there would be various beers and liquors for the beverages. The food back then was not that great but if someone were to go all out on a Western themed party, they could have duck, venison or a nice ham with all the trimmings. Everyone would have to supply their own ten-gallon hats.

With the women dressed in the traditional tavern garments, they could all get up and do a song and dance with high kicks and showing of their petticoats. Their hair would be up in a sweeping bun and most would wear a feather or two.

A Western themed fundraiser for charity would make a nice get-together for friends who want to do something special for a shared cause. There are many places that rent Western wear, including the dancehall girl outfits with the bigger skirts, petticoats and fishnet stockings. They wore a black, leather shoe that buckled on the side and had a little bit of a high heel to it back then.

Some of the women back then wore long, opera style gloves, mostly made of black lace, that went from their fingers to their elbows or further. These gloves were thin lace so they could still hold a gentleman's hand for dancing or pour a drink and pick up a glass. Most of the dancehall girls were servers for the gentlemen who would come in to buy drinks and play cards.

Traditional masquerade parties happen at Halloween or New Years Eve but some people will throw a 'dress up' party any time of the year. One of the most popular costumes this season is a sexy saloon girl dress that any woman or girl would love to wear, whether she has a cowboy for a date or not!