Salt water fish aquarium: choosing the tank

The tank should accommodate your chosen fish species through their whole life. It is a good idea to select a tank which is wide and long rather than skinny and tall because the fish need room to move and they move horizontally mostly, not so much vertically. This also gives more room for gas exchange and is far better for decorating. Tall and skinny tanks are not very good for the fish and are mostly just good for us, humans, to look at.

As a general rule you want to purchase a fish tank as large as possible for your funds, because this gives a greater amount of water for the fish and also the larger the tank the easier it is to deal with beginner mistakes. If you would have a small tank and there would be some pollution then this would be quite concentrated and the consequences much faster than if you had a larger tank, where the pollution would be a small percentage of the whole tank and therefore not as lethal as in the case of the small tank.

Salt water fish aquarium: choosing accessories

The choice of the right accessories will determine your success in keeping a fish tank. Filter should be picked based on the size of the fish as well as the size of the aquarium itself. A few larger fish would need a larger filter than a bunch of little fish.

Lightning type is a consequence of what goals you have in mind for your fish tank. If you have just simple formation of rocks then the default lighting should work just fine, however, if you are planning to make a riff or plant fish tank then high output lighting would be needed.

Choose carefully the decorative materials. All decorations do not necessarily work well for any type of fish. Inquire at the shop where you are getting the fish concerning elements which they do or do not like to live with. Also light weight decorations would work well for small non-aggressive fish species, however, more aggressive or larger fish would simply toss them from their place.

Salt water fish aquarium: elements of the fish tank

  • A fish tank with a cover and a light
  • A heater (for tropical tanks)
  • A thermometer
  • A filtration system (biological filtration is the best)
  • An air pump
  • Gravel
  • Dechlorinator
  • Bucket
  • Decorations such as aquatic plants
  • Fish

Salt water fish aquarium: steps to get your tank ready

1.       Wash your fish tank with clean water

2.       Place the tank on a very robust location that you are sure can withstand the weight of the tank in addition to all the water and items in it

3.       Add gravel to the tank and wash it to the point when all the dirt is gone and water is clear

4.       Wash any decorations you wish to use and place them inside the tank

5.       Install any relevant elements such as the filtration system, the air pump, etc depending on the type of the fishing tank you have purchased

6.       For fish it is important to monitor the temperature with the thermometer and heater. Research the fish which you purchase to understand what temperature it enjoys living in.

7.       Pour clean tap water into your tank. Be attentive not to make a mess of the decorations and the gravel you have placed inside the tank by pouring the water from a certain height. You can pour the water on top of a rock or another object to dissipate the water pressure or you can place temporarily a plate or any similar object into which you can pour the water. Fill to the water line and add the declorinator.

8.       You may have to wait for some time for the conditions to have settled in your tank (temperature) following which you can place any aquatic plants into the tank. The easiest would be to consult the shop where you purchased the tank for the types of plants which are appropriate for your fish tank.

9.       Add your fish.