If you are looking for a new project, you may want to consider salvage boats for sale, from your local junk yard. Many people use the money saving opportunity to begin the project of restoring a watercraft. It can be quite fun and exciting. In addition, you can make a fair amount of money when you do it! You can by them cheap from the junk yard, do the repairs yourself, and then sell them for big profit. Here's the scoop on salvage boats for sale.


Perhaps the most appealing thing about salvage boats for sale is the price by itself. You can find some really great deals on a beater watercraft, which you can use for fishing or water sports. In fact, you can expect to pay only a fraction of the price from the junk yard, making them a great way to go. Salvage boats for sale can be purchased complete, or in pieces. This may mean buying a hull separately from the motor and trailer. You can piece together a great, working watercraft when you search salvage yard boats for sale. You can even get watercraft at junk yards really cheap.

Outboard motors:

This is often the trickiest part when looking at salvage yard boats for sale. Running outboards are quite appealing. Generally speaking, if they run, they are priced much higher. This means you may have to hunt for a motor separately when you are considering salvage boats for sale from the local junk yard. If you can find a complete package, with running outboard at the junk yard, you may be able to get a great deal.

Repair on outboards can be quite expensive, unless you can do it yourself. This makes buying complete salvage boats for sale, with a motor that is not running, a little harder to pull off financially. If you find one that runs, and it's priced right, buy it. You won't have much luck with outboard motors when you are searching salvage boats for sale, in general. Keep your eyes open and you just may get lucky on your search.


This is generally the easiest item to find when you search the junk yard for salvage boats for sale. It also gives you a great chance to make some money on your repair and restoration project. When you search salvage boats for sale, there are some key thing to consider before you buy the hull at the junk yard. Let's take a look at some of the more important things you should consider.

Price: This is obvious. Try to get the hull for little more than scrap value. Make an offer and see what happens. You can make money on your restoration project this way. If you can get it cheap, you stand to make more money, and have less invested in your project.

Repairs: Things like marine grade plywood are fairly expensive; however, if you can do the restoration and repairs on your own, you can really come out great on salvage boats for sale. Other items, like torn or ripped seats, including rotten wood bench seats, can be fixed without as much cost, if you are willing to do the restoration on your own. You will be surprised at how much you can do with salvage boats for sale. The junk yard really is a great place to make some money on your project.

Holes: Contrary to the inexperienced watercraft enthusiast's beliefs, small holes in the hull are generally not that hard to repair, assuming you know what you are doing. For a small watercraft, especially those made of fiberglass, the repairs can generally be made in just a day or two, allowing for dry time. Aluminum hulls, while a little harder, cans also be repaired by an average enthusiast, assuming they take the time to really investigate and study the process. A hole or two in the hull will give you a chance to pick up cheap salvage boats for sale.

Accessories: The cost of replacement bass type seats is really expensive, while repair, when possible, really is not. Try to make a good, realistic estimate of the repairs and replacement accessories you will need before you purchase salvage boats for sale, even if very cheap.

Fiberglass: Small holes and issues are generally fairly easy, but structural damage to the hull will be incredibly hard and expensive to repair. Be sure the salvage boats for sale that are made of fiberglass, are structurally sound before you make your purchase final. Fiberglass is much heavier than aluminum. This means towing is harder, and size of the trailer should increase. This can add significant expense to your salvage boats for sale at the local junk yard.

Aluminum: It is often a little harder to make smaller repairs than fiberglass, but larger repairs are generally more attainable for the average person. Aluminum is much lighter, and easier to tow. You can generally get by on a smaller trailer. This could make salvage boats for sale, made of aluminum, a little cheaper when all is said and done.


You can buy these fairly cheap at the junk yards, giving you a chance to piece together cheap salvage boats for sale. Repairs on the frame are often easily tackled with a welder. Bunks for loading are a quick and cheap fix for your restoration project. Perhaps the most important aspect of the trailer, when it comes to complete salvage boats for sale, are the bearings. If the hub stays cool after towed for a few miles, there's a good chance you will be in good shape with your restoration project and repairs.

Complete units:

Salvage boats for sale can occasionally be bought as a complete package. If this is the case, and the motor runs, you may be able to get package pricing. This means it will cost you less money at the junk yard. You can find these types of deals out there, but it generally is a little hard to pull off. Still, it's worth looking into when you are considering salvage boats for sale for your next project.