At the end of January, I wound up battling a couple of injuries and my training got sidelined. Beyond bored, I decided to get back into writing online. When I wrote in the past, I mainly concentrated on upfront pay opportunities. Upfront pay meant easy, fast cash and very little commitment. With almost all of the easy upfront pay sites now belly-up, I found myself looking at a passive income strategy.

Passive income or writing for residual pay is a very different game. It's much more labor intensive initially and it requires a lot of patience. Instead of making $15-$20 a shot upfront for a 500 word piece, with residual earnings, you write 500 words and wait (and wait and wait) for ad revenue. With this pay model it may take more than a year to see $15 for a short article.

As frustrating as it sounds, writing for residual pay does have its benefits. One, while you may wait a long time to get paid, you have the potential to earn a lot more from your work. Your pay is solely dependent on the article's performance. If it performs well you not only earn well but you continue to earn as time goes on. Eventually, your content and your revenue becomes self-sufficient.

So it's now the end of February. Month #1 of my re-introduction into online writing has come to an end. Where do I stand coming from solely a passive income model?

Here's my stats:













Pleather & Lace



KiCk It LiNk LoVe







I'm nowhere near where I want to be but I think I learned a few things this month as to what works for me and what doesn't.

What I'm finding confusing is that I get a good deal of organic search traffic on Infobarrel, but, unfortunately, that organic traffic isn't converting well. Over the last couple of weeks I've also had some traffic on my Amazon links, but none of it is converting to sales. I really need to figure out how to improve my conversion rate - maybe it's my topics, maybe it's the quality of my content?

The surprise of the month was Xomba. About half-way through the month, I truly thought that Xomba was a waste of time judging purely from the lack of engagement on Analytics. Clearly, despite very low traffic on my bookmarks and blog posts, Xomba pulled a click.

Another surprise was my personal blog. I didn't expect anything from that site – it's more of a holding place for my thoughts than anything else.

A slight change in strategy for March

The most successful content that I wrote this month was on Examiner. In March I'm going to write more prolifically for this site.

I'll still be consistently posting articles on Infobarrel. I really enjoy writing here. Oddly though, instead of writing, I tend to spend more time in the forums and other writer's articles trying to learn as much as possible about SEO.

I'm also going to segment my work time-wise, focusing primarily on drilling out as much content as possible early in the month and then use the last week of the month to develop backlinks and clean up loose ends.

In March, I'll be using KiCk It LiNk LoVe as a place to collect bookmarks for my web content. I'm also happy to use that as a repository for any other IB'er who wants a backlink to their content. Check out my profile for how to get content posted on it.

 Over the last couple weeks of February, I've also been experimenting with how to generate keywords. Going forward, whenever I write for IB, I'm going to spend more time developing keywords than writing. The organic traffic is much, much better with good keyword research.

While I'm changing strategy on priorities, my base strategy isn't changing. I know that writing about diseases, medical issues and money converts better, but I don't want to build a reputation around those topics. I'd rather build a reputation around writing what I love and build a body of work in a topic that lends credence to some of my other goals.

Goals for March

I don't even know what a reasonable goal is. Judging from my poor performance this month, $20 seems outside the realm of reasonable for revenue share.

I'd really like to see some results from my IB content apart from pageviews, whether it's a click or a conversion for Amazon. We'll see.

I'd also like to try at least 2 different passive ideas, maybe zazzle or cafepress or something similar. I'm also curious as to how a blog built by free article content in the article directories would perform.

As always I'd really appreciate the community's feedback on how to improve. If there's anything that you see that I'm missing, please chime in. Thank you!