It should be known that the word "tattoo" is derived a Samoan word and that alone may be enough for many people to consider getting a Samoan tattoo design. Its literal meaning is mark or strike twice. It also refers to an ancient means of tattooing. Undoubtedly the manner of how tattoos were made then is very far from how it is done today.

Specifically, the process would entail using a turtle shell, a bird bone, bamboo and other natural objects that can be utilized to make cuts in the body. After the incision, an ink is used to make the cut permanent. The way of tattooing is considered more as a ritual. In a lot of ways, the long and painful process also explains why each mark represents courage and power. On top of all those, there are also designs that are meant as status symbols.

People understand that tattoos are permanent which explains why each design should have a personal meaning. If it is something that is essentially a part of your body then it is better to choose something that has to do with your overall persona. This is the reason why people who want to get tattoos take time in finding an interesting design.

Traditionally, a Samoan tattoo design can be intended to represent a person's rank in the society. It can also be a mark of becoming or a sign of accomplishment. In many ways, this can still be related to how tattoos are viewed today. Many people usually get tattoos after an important event in their lives. Some would get tattoos to celebrate while others would get them to mourn a loss.

A Samoan tattoo design can either be Enata or Etua. Enata tattoo designs are more associated to the individual's background such as place of birth, status and life history. The other type of tattoo has a more spiritual connotation. Etua tattoo designs can be specialized for honoring an individual. At the same time, the spiritual value it carries can also be interpreted as a talisman that would provide both protection and strength. Because of the rich history, meaning and interesting patterns these tattoos have, many people would want nothing more but to find something that suits their taste.