Cellulite is actually formed under the skin tissue and above the muscles. Under the dermis, a tissue layer called subcutaneous starts to grow. The subcutaneous is a layer of fat cells that serve as natural insulators that protect the body from heat and cold. Cellulite likes to from in this skin layer and are visible through the skin.

For women, curves are really important as it is the widely accepted social standard in considering a woman sexy. However, sad as it may be, women are more prone to developing cellulite in their bodies than men. The percentage may actually range from 90-98% difference because women have thinner skin layers as compared to their masculine counterpart.

Most often, cellulite appears in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Cellulite can appear as flabby layers of skin, which could either be formed due to lack of physical movement, weight gain, or pregnancy.

The best exercise to get rid of cellulite is to sign up for a membership at a gym. From there, a fitness instructor will show you how to lose unwanted fats and firm your saggy skin fast and beautifully. You can use all the exercise equipment available at the gym to target the most important areas of your body that need to be toned.

Jogging and walking are also good form of cellulite exercises. These calorie burning exercises not only trim you down, but lift your sagging body skin efficiently.

Curl ups and crunches will do the trick to firm your abs. When doing crunches, be sure to work your sides too so that you can ensure balanced muscle toning in your hip area. There are a variety of ab workouts available on the internet, which work all areas of your abdomen. Some cellulite exercises are easier than others. If your not able to perform an exercise right away, try making a simple modification to make the exercise simpler. Eventually you'll be able to do the exercise with out the modification as you gain strength.

Dancing is also a good form of exercise. Moving and dancing can actually be the most enjoyable of all cellulite exercises because you can move all the parts of your body. Dancing is motivational and a fun way to help remove cellulite.

Aside from the exercises, you should have a strict diet plan to match your fitness routine. You can exercise a lot, but if you continue to eat fatty foods, then you will not see any results. It's advisable to switch to a fiber and protein diet. This will help you get lean and tone your muscles faster. Always remember to drink lots of water when exercising.