With the release of google documents, it has been much easier and cheaper for business, especially small businesses, to have people create office documents for free or cheaply. One could use Open Office or Google Documents for the free parts, although there may be difficulties in getting the desired effect as Microsoft Office. One can save costs by using Microsoft Office on some computers, and install the free versions on non essential PCs.

Sample Inventory Report

This one is similar to that below, but is based off google documents. Why? You may ask. Google documents is helpful because it can be synchronized across all systems. You can allow people to log in and fill it in, and the data will be there. In essence you save wasting the time used emailing the latest update of the spreadsheet to people who need to know.

But the downside of course is that it must be convenient for you to access a computer and the internet when doing your inventory report this way. Of course the steps are not restricted to just that, and it works fine if you intend to print it too.

Sample Inventory Sheet

This will teach you how to set up a sample inventory sheet on Microsoft excel so that you can edit and make changes, and have many custom templates for use in whichever location you would need to take inventory. You could even use this for how many notepads, files and pencils your office unit has.

If you need to take stock of inventory manually after printing it out, that would be the guide for you.

Sample Expense Report

This is slightly different from the above two. This guide will help you with making expenses report. It is a quick way to build a sample expense report out on google documents for other people to use. These may be your employers, or whoever happens to need to use these kind of expense formats.