A sample hardship letter to college can help you big time in writing your own hardship letter to your college. Hopefully you will never need this letter, but sometimes you are not in charge of all the factors and there is a need for a hardship letter to your college.

A hardship letter is a letter to some person you owe money from explaining why you have fallen behind or why you haven't paid the money yet. Normally this is something which happens in paying your mortgage, paying off your credit card or something else. But of course, as college students should pay their tuition bills, this is something which can happen with students as well. Therefore you need to learn how to write such a letter. And you can learn the best by example, so here are some sample hardship letter to college.

Sample Hardship Letter to College

Name: [Your Name]
Address: [Your Address]
Loan: [Your Loan]

To Whom It May Concern,

I write this letter to relate to you the financial hardships which caused me to fall behind on my tuition payments. At the present rate, paying the tuition bills on time are impossible for me. I've included my balance sheet to show this. I have done everything to pay on time. My request is you modify the terms of my loan so that I will be able to make the payments on time.

I am behind on the payments because [explain reason, short and clear. 'Parents lost their job'/'Lost my parents'/'Have to take care of a child']. I do intend to fully pay for what I own to the university, but in the current situation this is impossible. This situation is going to be [permanent/temporary] because [reason].

What would help is modifying my loan. Please [your goal: lower interest rate/reduce monthly payments]. Below I have included my balance sheet where you can see what would kind of modification would help. If this request is granted, I would be able to afford the tuition fees and will not miss another payment again.

Thank you for your consideration.



Contents of the Letter

There are a core points you want to make in the letter, as you could see in the sample hardship letter to college.

  • The main problem: you are behind. If you go to the university first to acknowledge you are wrong, you already scored some points. You are the one to admit the problem!
  • The reason behind the problem. Why are you behind on your University payments? What is the reason you won't meet the upcoming payments? If the financial department doesn't know your problem they cannot understand it!
  • The solution: serve it on a silver plate. If they don't have to think anymore, you know you are doing good. If you come up with the solution, they don't have to do the work anymore!

One of the most important features of the letter is: keep it short. You are writing to financial people who are always busy and who get more of these requests. If you can be short, to the point and clear you have a big advantage: you don't waste time! And that is what they want to see. Busy people like to spend their time as efficient as possible (or at least think they are as efficient as possible) so you are actually making these people feel good about themselves, by calling them busy, thus important!

So if you are writing your own letter, make sure to state the main problem, the reason behind the problem and the solution. All in a short letter, just as the sample hardship letter to college!