Looking for the method in creating a sample inventory report?

Here's how, the documents to be used in this article was based on google documents (also known as google docs), but can be easily used on microsoft excel

To access google documents, if you are unsure, you can open up your gmail and look for the tab. If you've never seen before its worth a few minutes for you to check out its functions! (Since its free, and you can use it to make a free sample inventory spreadsheet)

Following which you select the spreadsheet tab which would open it in a new page

spreadsheet document

First, you would want to set out the numbers
Start by filling 1,2,3 into to column (or row if you need to)
numbers inventory
Secondly, the bottom right square can be clicked upon and dragged down
This will allow the spreadsheet to recognize that it would fill your selection like this:


You can then proceed to fill in other elements that you have in mind. For some places, you would be more interested in quantity, for others, one would be interested in the date of withdrawals or deposits. For example some might use the inventory report to manage store room transactions, others for their own warehouses or miscellaneous items or those meant for sale at retail. Even at home you could use it to keep track of your storeroom! You could also use it as a guiding point to print out stickers.


Finally, all that is left is to fill in the missing gaps which may or may not be easy;
This could be numbers or dates. For dates, google documents might automatically fill in the years for you. Quantity can also be resorted through one of the tabs there, in case you have similar goods.


And there you have it, a quick and easy way (as well as free) to create and generate your own sample inventory report that can be modified for your own purposes (example: merchandise). You can save it as a .doc file. doc means documents!


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