It has been more than half a year since I wrote my first ever article on infobarrel and it is now about time to do a stock take of everything that I had written thus far, forming my inventory, and thus deserving of a series of sample inventory reports on it and the things I have learnt about it.

It started with me writing about expenses and reports because I was doing a lot of those at the time, making sample expenses report to fill it up and send it off. I did infobarrels related to expenses and its reporting, leading to expense report formats and later on all the way to branching out for sample inventory reports many many months later. Currently there are quite a few infobarrels that I have written about similar subject and topic matters.

Along the way, I have also written about the earphones I was then and currently using. I use the westone line of earphones and they have served me well. They are known for their stellar sound proofing and noise reducing capabilities and that has helped me immensely in my work, daily life and commute. I have written inforbarrels about how to use it, and to determine whether they are the right earphones for you. For example if one does not mind the noise and bustle of the train and people chatting in coffee places, then they would likely not need to spend the extra premium on a westone pair.

I've also written a tiny bit about email productivity and how to handle those all so annoying and un-useful email that just clutters up your mailbox and become a drain on your attention so. Although far from being any measure of a money maker, it has had a modest following for being an unsecured infobarrel. (It has nothing to promote it at all) One of the hubs obtained 266 views at the time of this writing, the other about one third that.

On the whole though the email area was not very successful, I guess it is just not very applicable these days where people are more aware on how to cut down on all those electronic junk. That said it was still a worthwhile explanation to see that it was a niche that did not require exploration. There were also some miscellaneous infobarrels that simply ended up fizzling out, like one about cold. Expenses however stuck, and has resulted in some greens rolling in. Also helpful were the barrels written about information in concepts such as privity and estoppels, which should be helpful for people trying to understand those. Cases were provided that they could also refer to. Of those, one that took off was that which sparked out misrepresentations. But that would be under the next few sample inventory reports.

In a meta sense, I did start off slow compared to other people, but I intend to use this sabbatical to multiply the number of infobarrels I have multiple times. In the months from joining up to 2009 december, I have had about 12 infobarrels. That is set to increase!