How to write an Invitation Letter for Visa

As a landed immigrant, I have had to write numerous invitation letters for friends, family and even conference speakers over the years. Every time I have to write a letter, I find that it really helps to have a template or a format to follow. I can still remember the first time I wrote my first invitation letter may year back to invite my dad to visit me in Montreal Canada. It took me a while to come up with what to write, how to write it and what I needed to include in the letter. There are a few concerns that come to mind which make it difficult to write these letters. You may wonder if your letter has all the information required, you wonder if to include more details about yourself and you don't want your guest to be denied the visa. Based on the success I have experienced from writing invitation letters I would like to mention that there is no standard form that an invitation letter should follow, what is most important is that you have all the required information in the letter.

In writing your invitation letter, you need to choose who to address the letter to. You can either Address it to the Consulate of the country or to your guest. In both cases you send the letter to your guest who then adds it to their application. Here is a list of information that you must have on your letter

Your Guest
Full name and Date of birth.
Full Address and telephone number.
Your relationship to the person being invited.
The purpose of the trip.
Duration of Visit
Details on accommodation and living expenses.
Date of departure from the visited country

Your Information
Full name and that of your spouse (if applicable)
Date of birth.
Address and telephone number
Your immigrant status

No matter how you write your letter, if these information are included, your letter will be sufficient. You may also visit these websites that provide sample invitation letters for different countries. If you are in Canada you may use Sample invitation letter for Canada Visa just to give you an idea of how the letter should look. I would suggest that you write the letter in your own words and use the samples simply for inspiration.

Here is a sample of what I would write if I was inviting a friend

Dear William,

It such a pleasure to know that you are thinking of spending your vacation in Canada. I would like you to come and visit me here in Brockville Ontario, Canada. I will take a vacation at that time and we can visit a few places around Canada. You can come on August 10 2012 and leave on the 30th of August as we discussed on phone. During your visit I will take care of your accommodation and transportation around Canada. Use this letter as part of your visa Application. I will send you scanned copies of my passport and rental agreement to support your application.

(insert your signature here)
Your friend

Guest Information
Name: William whatever
Address: My home in foreign country
Date of Birth: 11/mon/year
Passport Number: 333333 (this shows that you know your guest)

Host Information
Name: Dave Toll
Address:123 your address, Brockville, Canada
Occupation: Engineer with Nortel Networks
Status: Citizen

These information are part of the letter. They come as an addition after the letter for the visa office to have easy access to them. The letter can be printed simply on a regular letter paper. If you feel like it, you can create a personal letter head but that is not necessary.

Final Note
You may decide to address your letter to the Visa office, in that case you simply reword your letter to say that I am inviting my friend to visit me in Brockville Ontario. Here are his information and mine. It is important that you send the scanned copies of your passport or visa (student) or work permit to your guest to include in his/her application.

I hope this helps you in writing your letter of invitation.