Sample Letter To Ask For Donations

Charities and community organizations all across America as for money to carry out a project or just day to day operation expenses on a regular basis.  The request for donations letter you send out to companies, foundations and individuals must be specific and detail exactly what you want from them.  Although you may not be able to get Bill Gates to donate to your charity or event directly, you can get other people right within your own community that you know may be well off to donate money to your cause.  Some examples would be:

  • Presidents and Vice Presidents of local businesses
  • Wealthy people within your own state, county or neighborhood
  • Doctors Offices community
  • Lawyers Offices in your community
  • Local Mom and Pop Shops
  • Local big businesses such as hospitals, banks and restaurants

You do not have to compete with everyone else trying to get money from large foundations where the rich give away their money to help the poor.  You can take a proactive approach and solicit the help of people right in your own community.  Again, the letter should be detailed and have everything that you intend to do with the funds outlined. You should be clear about how much you are requesting and whether it is just a one time donation or whether this is a monthly or annual donation project.  Here is a sample letter:

Sample Letter Requesting Donations For A Charity Event

ABC Boys And Girls Club

222 Make Believe Lane

Wishville, Ky


Date: (At Least 6 Months before the actual event)


Name of Person Responsible For Charity Donations

Address of the Organization You Are Requesting Donations From


Dear (Address the person directly)


My name is _______________________ and I am the ___________________ of the ABC Boys and Girls Club here in Wishville NY.  I am writing to you about our annual Christmas event here at the Boys and Girls Club which we are currently planning for.  Each year, we invite children from local orphanages to spend Christmas day here at our humble headquarters.  On that day, about 100 children enjoy a Christmas that they would not have enjoyed if it were not for the generosity of people like you and your organization.  The children play games, eat a well cooked dinner, get to sit on Santa's lap and enjoy the wonderful feeling of getting their own individually wrapped gift. This is indeed an event that makes all of us happy and proud to take part in every year. 

As you can imagine, an event like this for 100 children costs quite a bit of money.  Last year our budget for this event was $10,000, so we are anticipating with the cost of inflation that we will need about $12, 000 for this year's annual Christmas event for local orphans.

We are asking for a contribution from your offices that will help us towards our goal.  Any amount that you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. The Christmas event for the orphans is of course on Christmas Day so we need to start planning from now.  With the help and generosity of people and organizations like yours we can continue to give these children a wonderful Christmas every year.  This is an annual event so your generosity each year is very much welcomed, however, if you choose to donate only this year, we will happily accept your generosity. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact me directly at the Boys and Girls Club in Wishville, 555-212-3322.  I thank you in advance for your time, cooperation and generosity.




Your Name (Title, etc)


Whether you are looking for ticket donations, monetary donations, food donations or other types of donations, your letter should be VERY specific.  Make sure your plan this at least a year in advance and make sure the letters go out at least 6 months before the time you actually need funds for whatever you are raising money for. Send out at least 100 letters to begin with, and if you need more money after that, send out another 100.  Keep accurate records of your donors, to contact next year and to send out thank you cards to.