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Have you ever gone to check in at a hotel, or requested something, only to be met with rudeness? Perhaps the reception was not respectful towards you and acted rudely, or you requested something three times and never received it. Maybe the room was just plain dirty.

What better way is there to air your frustration that by communicating the situation to the manager? Writing a letter of complaint to a hotel after a negative experience will help in guiding management to improve their services, and perhaps even compensate you for the difficulties you have experienced. Even if nothing tangible occurs, at least communicating the situation and sending a formal letter to management will help you feel better afterward.

In order to write a letter of complaint, you should think clearly about the situation: what did you do or request? How did the hotel staff respond? Was there something that was clearly out of line? The letter should be formal, respectful, and comprehensible in order to get the point across and encourage management to listen to your concerns.

Sample Letter Regarding Rude Reception

Marsha James

194 Worchestershire Road

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 92940

June 25, 2014



Juniper Hotel

394 Pine Wood Crescent

Denver, Colorado 28384


Dear Sir or Madam (or name of manager),

I would like to file a complaint against the staff members at the reception desk on June 14. I stayed at the hotel on June 14 in room 914. The reception staff was very rude towards me and my son. When we tried to check in at 3 pm, the staff member at the front desk did not tend to us right away. Instead, she was sitting down, reading a magazine. I had to call her twice before she tended to our needs.

The entire check-in process took over 20 minutes. It appeared that she did not know what to do, and was very unfamiliar with the check-in process. In addition, my son and I wanted to visit the nearby attractions. When we asked her for advice, she simply pointed to the pamphlets and suggested we browse through them. This lack of courtesy and helpfulness has left me and my son very dissatisfied with the level of service.

I have stayed at Juniper Hotel numerous times on vacation, and have never received such poor service. It made for a very unwelcome stay that has dampened our vacation. I hope that you take this matter into consideration.


Marsha James

Sample Letter Regarding Lack of Beds and Smoking

John LingBurj Al Arab Abu Dhabi

5 Lionheart Crescent

Seattle, Washington 98121

May 13, 2014


Linda Pembrooke

Pine Tree Inn

12 John Street

Houston, Texas 72833


Dear Ms. Pembrooke,

I stayed at Juniper Hotel on May 5-6, in room #252. I was extremely displeased at the state of my room during my stay, along with the service.

I was staying with my wife and two children, and had requested two double beds. However, when I arrived at the hotel and tried to check in, the receptionist said that all of the rooms with two double beds were fully booked. She said that the only option was a room with a queen sized bed. Needless to say, the queen sized bed could not fit all of us, and I had to resort to using a separate cot. Since I had specifically requested two double beds in advance, I was upset that Pine Tree Inn did not accommodate my request.

Also, I had requested a non-smoking room for my family. The receptionist assured me that it was a non-smoking room, and I saw that there was a sign in the room indicating this. However, when we entered the room, a heavy, fume-like smell was evident in the room. We could not change rooms because the hotel was completely booked, and had to stay in a non-smoking room that smelt like cigarettes.

I have been very disappointed with my stay at Pine Tree Inn, as I had read some excellent reviews on your service and accommodations. As the manager, I hope that you can use this feedback to ensure a higher quality of accommodations in the future.


John Ling

Sample Letter Regarding Unsanitary Room and Charges

Lisa Piotrowsky

27 Turtleneck Road

Vancouver, BC V6A 8R3

September 28, 2014


Joseph Davies

Elizabeth & Darcy Suites

100 Piccadilly

London, UK W1A 2RT


Dear Mr. Davies,

Whenever I travel to London, I opt to stay at your hotel due to its excellent service and accommodations. However, I have had a recent experience that has had a negative effect upon my perception of the hotel.

I stayed at Elizabeth & Darcy Suites in room 105 from September 22 to September 26. During this time, my towels were not changed even though I had placed them on the floor. Also, the bedding was old and scratchy, making it difficult for me to sleep at night. As you can imagine, the lack of towel changes meant I had to reuse towels, making me feel self-conscious about my sanitation when meeting prospective clients during my trip. The lack of sleep I experienced made me feel tired, which was very stressful during important meetings.

In addition, I was unrightfully charged for a bottle of vodka from the refrigerator. I had opened the fridge to inspect the contents and had shift some bottles, but I did not tamper nor remove any of the bottles whatsoever. I would like to request that this charge be removed from my billings.

I am writing with the express purpose of demonstrating my concern over the service provided. My past experiences have been very good, which is what makes this stay particularly upsetting.

It is my hope that these issues will be corrected before I next arrive in London.


Lisa Piotrowsky

A Closing Note

Your letter should state clearly your address and to whom you are addressing, along with details of your stay, including the room number and dates. If you describe your experience in full and communicate a belief that the hotel can be improved upon if the issues are fixed, you will experience far better results than simply sending in a complaint.

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