These sample letters of two week notice are designed to serve as a free guide when you decide to quit your job.  All of them can be printed and altered to suit your personal needs.  I will include a few examples, so you can find the ones that are right for you to give your employer.  When you quit a job, you must still be professional.  I am just going to include the nuts and bolts of each example, but be sure to scroll down the page to find the extras you must include on all of them.

Sample Letter of Two Week Notice – New Job Offer

Mr. Johnson,

 I have decided to give you my two week notice, effective today, March 15, 2012.  I have truly enjoyed my time at the XYZ Company, but I received a job offer from another company, which I feel will fit my lifestyle a little better.

The last three years I have worked for you have been wonderful.  I have learned a great deal and experienced a lot of personal and professional growth along the way.  It is my desire to leave on the best of terms, so please, let me assure you, I will give my all until the end of my final day with your company.


Jason Mayer

What This Accomplishes:  By being straight to the point and professional, you have left the door open, should you need a new job down the road.  You have put the employer’s mind at ease that you will work hard to the very end, something they will appreciate.  In addition, you have complimented them to some extent, but commenting on your growth with the company.

Sample Letter of Two Week Notice – Retirement

Ms. Anderson,

I’m writing this letter with excitement and sadness, all the same time.  For the last 25 years, I have been blessed to be a proud member of the XYZ company.  I have enjoyed it tremendously, but I feel it’s my time to say goodbye.

I am going to make it official and inform you I intend to retire.  I would like to put in my two week notice, effective today, April 24th, 2013.

I will miss you greatly,

Sally Putnam

What This Accomplishes:  You have expressed some emotion in this sample letter, which is more than fine, even in a very professional position.  You are leaving with grace and dignity and have let the people you work with know how much you will miss them.

Sample Letter for Quitting Your Job – Disagreement with Boss

Mr. Smith,

I would like to put in my notice, effective today, March 14th, 2012.  According to our employee manual, I am required to give a two week notice.  My last day will be March 28th.

I am saddened we could not come to a mutual agreement regarding our scheduling issues.  I have already voiced my opinions and concerns to you about this, so I don’t feel it necessary to rehash it all again.  While I don’t agree with the results, I respect your opinions and decisions on the matters we discussed.

Despite our differences, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work for the XYZ company.  I am leaving with positive thoughts about the company.


Jordan Martin

What This Accomplishes:  Assuming the disagreement with your boss wasn’t all-out brawl, you are holding your ground, but still being very professional and respectful.  Who knows, this type of letter might reopen the communication between you and your boss.  It will also be something you can mention to potential future employers and can show a true professional attitude.  People are generally much more understanding of your situation is you act appropriately during it all and work until the very end of your commitment.

On All Notices, Include the Following:

There are some things that should be included whenever you write to your boss to inform them you are quitting.  The list below represents some of the things you really should include.

Dates/Names:  You might want to put the name and date at the top of the form, although it might not be completely necessary.  It does add a certain official look to the letter.

Signature:  You must sign all of them in ink or it will look like an unprofessional mess.  Do not ever skip this step.  In some cases, the form might not even be accepted without your signature.

Be Professional:  Even if you hate your boss, or are leaving on very bad terms, you should still be professional.  If you leave on bad terms, but give proper notice of quitting and are professional, it will speak volumes of you to potential employers down the road.  Remember, this will go into your personnel file.

Leave the Door Open:  You never know where life is going to take you.  By being courteous and professional, you leave the door open down the road for future rehire.  You might not think it’s necessary now, but what about a year from now?  Even if you hate your boss, how can you be sure he or she won’t be gone in the near future?  Resignation from a job should not eliminate from future employment.

Hard Copy:  It is probably okay to inform your employer you are going to quit by email, but it must always be followed up with a hard copy.  You should hand deliver this one and talk to your employer openly and honestly about it.

Keep a Copy:  Be sure to run off a copy for your own personal records.  This could come in handy some day and should not be ignored.  Proper job resignation is important.

Potential Legal Issues

If you are leaving on bad terms and feel there could be potential court action taken on your behalf or against you, it is important to be very careful with your wording.  In these cases, it might be in your best interest to just keep it simple and to the point, to avoid saying anything that can hurt your case.

Please feel free to use these sample of two week notice letters when you decide to quit your job.